Friday, June 21, 2024 – From San German to Isabela, flying were it is possible!!!

There’s two stories for the day…

The first, just at sunrise, several pilots coordinated to meet at the flight area located on the grounds of Papo’s Burger in PR2 of San Germán. The idea of ​​the flight was to take off in zero wind conditions and fly the entire valley that covers the municipalities of Hormigueros, Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez.

Signed up for this adventure were the pilots Fio López, Samuel Travis, Darwin Hernández, Jomar Crespo and Vitaly Kudrin . Each and every one of them managed to take off and enjoy a great adventure throughout the valley. In the case of Fio López, this was the first time he managed to take off in these types of conditions using the “Front Launch” method. Congratulations!!!

Fio Lopez Taking Off in Cero Winds Conditions!!!

The second story was, travel to Villa Pesquera Isabela. The pilots arrive there by 10:30 AM. Presents were Samuel Travis, Vitaly Kudrin, Luis Ruiz, Jomar Crespo, Chino Morales arrived with their daughters and Edgardo Rivera.

Weather at Isabela, very different than San German…

The weather conditions were very different than what they flew in San Germán. The winds were very strong. At about 22mph+. Only Edgardo, Luis Ruiz and Samuel Travis went out to fly in those conditions. And with that we finished the activity.

Luis Ruiz Taking Off in the Sky Z-Blade. Video by Jomar Crespo.
Lunch Time at Jobos Beach after a session of Flying.


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