Saturday, September 22, 2018

This weekend, the awaited birthday of Carlos Candido Rodríguez and Gregory Santiago arrived. The meeting place was Aquatika, in Loiza. A spectacular place to enjoy activities and at the same time it provided possibility for PPG flights for those who wanted in the middle of the birthday.

And you know what? It was a resounding success. The activities started Friday 21 at night and continued until Sunday, 23 until 5 PM. On Friday, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and little Noah Enrique, traveled from Aguada. At about 10 PM they were already there sharing with CC, his wife Wilma, children, brothers and relatives. The place, the balconies at the pools and the Jacuzzi with its hot waters looks amazing. We stayed there after midnight, and Wilma and Jessica squared the details for tomorrow’s activity.

On Saturday 22, mostly all the Kamikazes pilots and their respective families started to arrive from all parts of the island. Gregory Santiago his wife Iveyra and daughter Keyra arrived from Cayey and so on…. Pablo Cruz his wife Millie, Chey Sánchez his wife Arlene and eventually their children Joshy and Bibi, Noel Vale his wife Tata, Gabriel Martínez his wife Arlene, Michael Diaz his sister and her parents Papo and Dari. Pin Pin Castillo, Fernan Lassalle his wife Magda and grandson Jeniel. Also, Antonio Arias and Juan Carlos Correa.

Between meals, food and gathering, a window for flights opened around 11 AM. The pilots CC, Chey, Pablo, Luis, JC, Antonio and Luis went to the bridge near the place where there was good space to fly. Conditions were better than expected, NE wind of about 10 mph consistent was the norm. Antonio, the novice pilot, wanted to join the others pilots in the cross. So, we put him to inflate an Apco Thrust paraglider, and after verifying that everything was in order, we gave him the green light to accompany us by rent him an equipment. Everyone launched without problems and with enough gasoline in their tanks. The plans were all flying in East direction.  We passed the Luquillo Beach, and continue to where Juan Carlos resides, and then we passed the area known as “La Pared”. After that, the direction of the wind cause some turbulence and we decide to turn around.  We spotted a lot of sea life as turtles and manatees that walked or swim around the area. We fly over all the hotels in the area, and when we returned, we passed the “Rio Grande” of Loiza river and continued all the way to the Sector known as Bahia Talega. This was  close to the International Airport Luis Munoz Marin. We were flying in this place at just 10 ft of altitude over the Coast. When was time to land, CC and JC landed on the sand in front of Aquatika, while the rest landed on the bridge where we searched for equipment and vehicles.

Flying over Aquatika, Loiza, PR

Flying over Aquatika, Loiza, PR 2

Back in Aquatika, some small gifts were given to Gregory and CC for their birthdays, and we laughed a lot with them.

Jess Dance – Dirty Dancing

At nightfall, most of the Kamikazes pilots and their families returned to their homes. But Pablo and Millie, Chey, Arlene and their children, and Luis and their family stayed in the place until Sunday. We continued on Sunday with the great time and share, swimming, pools and food. We are very grateful for all the attention we had, as always giving thank to God.

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