Sunday, September 16, 2018

The day started with misty weather. The roads early in the morning were to Villa Pesquera of Isabela. All day the winds were steady at 2 to 5 mph in NNE direction.

Presents from Kamikazes Team were, Pablo Cruz his wife Millie, Gabriel Martínez his wife Arlene, Eduardo Pabon his wife Esther, Luis Ruiz his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Fernan Lassalle, Ivan Torres his girlfriend Pamela and son Caleb, Michael Diaz his father Papo, Robert Rodríguez his wife Elba, Chey Sánchez his wife Arlene and son Joshy, Noel Vale and his wife Tata, Jason Scheurer and his girlfriend Julie. Also, a lot of public in general that was gathering to learn more about the sport.

Additional were presents Andrea Sanchez, Orlando Diaz, Karla Melendez and Yaniel. This people comes to redeem their tickets for the experience in the paramotor. They bought it though “Oferta del Dia”. Also the friend of Luis Ruiz, Roberto Vera who was accompanied by his daughter Camila and his girlfriend Brenda Lis, comes to enjoy the experience.

It was a busy day for Luis with the flights, but this is only part of the story. As the day progressed, the wind began to turn from the North direction and barely an intensity of 2 to 4 mph. So, the weather for flight was ideal, but you have to earn the fly running in the takeoff. In that challenging climate, Noel, Chey and Fernan demonstrated a great technique at takeoffs, and goes flying. While this happened in Isabela, Eduardo launched from Hatillo and goes all the flying to Isabela to meet with us. His wife Esther, arrived later with the car. Pilots/Students as Jason, Gabriel and Michael, were on Hold looking for a little more intensity of the winds before trying to fly.

At about 4:00 PM, a better intensity of winds came from the north. Michael was the first of the students to fly.  Then, after rigorous instructions, Jason left on his third flight in his history, and Gabriel manage to do fine and went to the air for the first time, CONGRATS! Both did it with front takeoffs in light winds, which is even more complicated, and both were over 40 minutes in the air. Their landings also were very good. Pablo, Eduardo and Noel, accompanied them while flying, the sky was very beautiful filled with paragliders.

First PPG Solo Flight of Gabriel Martinez

At late afternoon, we had to advance to save the equipment as a huge cloud with lightning and sparks approached us from the interior of the island. A few managed to get out of there before the system arrived, but others like Pablo, Millie, Chey, Josian, Arlene and Luis had to shelter under the tent. It receive considerable damage for the winds and rains that came with the storm. Pablo and Josian indicated that when an electric lightning nearby fell, they felt the current while they held the tent!. At about 6 PM we managed to get out of there all wet, but at the same time very happy with the great day we had as a family.



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