Saturday, October 27, 2018

The day of the “Cross” arrived, and with excellent flight conditions. This “Cross” flight was an idea of Carlos Candido Rodríguez and in just one week it takes form with the registration of twelve (12) pilots. The planned route was leaving from Levittown Beach at 9:30 AM, and continue flying the entire coastline arriving  to Villa Pesquera of Isabela at midday. It covers approximately 70 miles of flight.

Presents in Levittown were Carlos Candido Rodríguez, his son CC Jr., Juan Carlos Correa, Gregory Santiago, Berto Garcia, Pablo Cruz, Chey Sánchez, Omar Román and David Silva. Along with these we must mention Rafa Guerrero, who arrived and flew with the group, but due to work commitments he did not continue his fly to Isabela. And the journey made by Eduardo Pabon, who launched from the beach “Las Criollas” of Barceloneta and goes all the way to Dorado to meet the pilots in the air. Eduardo’s flight lasted about 2 hours, since he was flying against the wind for more than an hour to achieve that route. He then goes back to Barceloneta where he landed for attending personal matters in the afternoon.

Also present in Levittown, were Alex Diaz, who was helping the pilots in their launches. Also, the wives of pilots such as Millie, Wilma, and Elsie were there, and general public that stopped to see the takeoffs. Speaking of takeoffs, not everything was perfect for the pilots, Juan Carlos and Rafa confronted some problems in their outings, JC’s knee witnessed this.

In the air, the flight went smoothly for Omar, Pablo and Berto, who were the first to arrive in Isabela. They took 1 hour 45 minutes for the “Cross”. However, Gregory, using a paramotor with a small gasoline tank, was forced to landed at Hatillo. With it landed in support CC, CC Jr., David, Chey and JC. They refuel and get on track again to Isabela.

It was notorious that on social networks Pablo and JC had made a bet that if Pablo got to fly to Levittown instead of go direct to Isabela, JC gave him a “Blue Label”, when Pablo arrived (by surprise), JC had to give “Blue Label” to all , but JC did not refer to the drink as maybe Pablo thought (see the photos)!

In Isabela, Luis Ruiz, waited for them, he was flying passengers who had previously confirmed their adventures in the paramotor. Every passenger was very happy with their experiences. He also gave assistance to the pilot Robert González who arrived there from Ceiba with his father “Lefty”, and also to Raymond Bonilla, a veteran pilot who lives  in USA, and is retaking the sport. Ricardo Gonzalez and Robert Rodriguez were present in the activity helping everyone in the area. When the pilots arrived, we have Full House in Isabela. And there’s more flights and lots of sharing.

Luis Ruiz, had a little surprise to them, a medal for their “Cross Fly” and support to the family that we are creating. This was an idea of Jessica Cruz, wife of Luis, who did all the hard work for this little detail that was very appreciated from the pilots. Thanks Jessica!❤️

Later in the day, some pilots took the opportunity to adjust equipment after the fly, and in some case, try a “Chase Cam”. They took some spectacular chasing videos while flying. At dusk, we met at a local restaurant to end a very intense day of flights and sharing.

We want to mention that Chey Sanchez and David Silva, jump in their rankings to a 5 Stars pilots! Now they are in the elite group of ambassador of the sport of Paramotor in Puerto Rico. CONGRATULATIONS!. We always thank God for all these experiences that allow us to live. See the huge section of photos and videos shared by the pilots on their journey.

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