Thursday, November 01, 2018

In the afternoon, with not much plans, Luis Ruiz decide to go to Villa Pesquera on Isabela, he notify some of his friends about the plans. One of them, a veteran retire PPG pilot, Damir San Antonio, called Luis to coordinate some tandems flights for his wife and some friends. The weather looks fine, and Luis agree.

Then in the afternoon, the weather was acceptable, kind of windy, but flyable, with Luis, arrived the pilots Raymond Bonilla and Noel Vale, they were practicing. Raymond feels the wind too strong for him and decide not to fly, and Noel still have problems with the Manual Starter of his old paramotor. Both were kiting their paragliders.

Luis in other hand, had works to do, first, do a Tandem fly to a tourist named Candice, who was pending from a week and appear today ready for his fly. Then Luis meet with Damir, and his wife Ana, and friends, Danny, accompanied with his wife Teresa and daughter Jey. With the time working again us, Luis decide to do short flights to each of them, first turn was for Jey, then his mother Teresa, and both have a great time in their flights.

👉👉 Tandem Fly of Jey….👈👈

At 5:45 PM, with just 15 minutes of daylights, we tried the Tandem flight of Ana, but she have some problems that affect her run for launch and we need to abort the flight for a future day. At the end, everyone happy with the experience. Damir remember some of his stories in the sport and promise to gets in shape for futures experiences with the Team.

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