Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A typical day of the week, and with good weather to fly. Luis Ruiz had taken one of his paramotors and flight equipment to Arecibo. The idea was to meet at some point during the day with the student of the Team, Jorge Ríos, to continue his practice. Pablo Cruz was also waiting to join. Initially we talked about meeting in the North Park of Hatillo, but as the day passed, the final course was changed to Poza del Obispo in Arecibo since Pablo could not attend. Jorge is a Sky Diver and had a “jump” at the Arecibo airport before getting together for paramotor practices. But it had been complicated, first by pending passengers in the jumping area and then by the midday weather and its clouds. So the practices were postponed to other day. But Luis, at lunchtime, took advantage of his equipment and good weather and go for flying around the Arecibo Lighthouse. His wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique arrived to have lunch with Luis. They were shopping and stop to gather with Luis. At 12:00 M he prepared his equipment and goes flying around the Arecibo Harbor Light. He took some good videos around the area.
Everything that can be done with a paramotor is impressive. Simply, a personal flight equipment that did not exist a few years ago. We are very fortunate to live in this era where we can enjoy things like this. At about 1 PM Luis was back in his office, having lunch and with the equipment properly stored. His co-workers do not even imagine that a lunch hour can turn into one of adventurous hour like this.
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