Sunday, December 16, 2018

Again the flight route took us to Rancho Grande of Anasco. Pilots who could not assisted yesterday, were arriving today. Pilot Kamikazes present:
  • Eduardo Pabon
  • Esteban Torres and his partner Maria Isabel
  • Gregory Santiago
  • Carlos Candido Rodriguez
  • David Silva
  • Jorge Rios
  • Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
  • Chey Sanchez and his wife Arlene
  • Alex Diaz and his wife Belen
  • Leo Castro
The weather and the wind, simply excellent. The winds from West began at 11 AM. Quickly the pilots Luis Ruiz and Eduardo Pabon took the opportunity to fly over the old “Pulguero” of Mayaguez. It was full to capacity. A little later in the day the rest of the pilots began to arrive.
David, Gregory, CC and Esteban went flying around. Esteban achieved his fifth flight of the weekend, enjoying his new equipment (SkyMax EOS 100 paramotor and paraglider Apco Lift EZ-R.) In the case of Eduardo, Gregory and CC, they left together in the direction of Rincon. They flew all the way to the municipal Beach, passing through very beautiful tourist areas and places that are still very affected by the passage of Hurricane Maria one year and a half ago. From the videos, we noted that much of Rincon has run out of beach coast, the sea is hitting the buildings. This suggests that there could be something illegal due to the maritime land area that should be left without construction.👀
Meanwhile Alex, who was determined to fly today, made a good practice. He was about to go flying but in his attempt he had run out of track. He aborted very close to the beach and the paraglider touched the water, so we had to help him out. In the end it was a good practice for Alex who is encouraged to try again to correct the takeoff technique. Luis, was making some Tandem flights to Franklin and Yurac, they traveled from San Juan to live the experience in the paramotor. Both were very happy with their experiences and will be in touch for futures flights. David, on the other hand, continue surprising  everyone with his executions. He flew for hours until he was tired. He left the traditional coast flight route to enter the town of Anasco in the interior. The heat and thermals are very active at  2 PM when he made that flight. Even more impressive is that he ate some donuts, yes, some donuts 🍩🍩,  while flying. Brave!!! … Jorge, for his part, returned. We were surprised because he left yesterday very exhausted and was all afternoon practicing inflated with the paraglider. He was assisted by CC, Chey, Alex and Gregory in some moments of his practices. At dusk Eduardo, CC and Gregory went out again to fly despite the fact that conditions were getting somewhat turbulent at around 5 PM. Esteban said goodbye, who was due to return to New York in the night. He was happy but exhausted.  Were three very active days he had. We hope to see him back in about two months.
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