Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Just for being Tuesday …, but also in reality to take advantage of the stay of Roberto Machado, who tomorrow leaves to the USA to fulfill professional commitments. We meet in the afternoon at Villa Pesquera de Isabela.

The flight and weather conditions were excellent. A large group of pilots gathered to fly and share that great day of flights.


Carlos Candido Rodríguez and his son CC Jr.
Roberto Machado
Gregory Santiago
Berto García
Chey Sánchez
Luis Ruiz
Thaddeus Gala
José Casillas
Radames Tirado

The early weather was somewhat windy, but stable. As the afternoon passed, the wind was softer and it was turning from NNE direction. We had pending that Roberto manage to fly with the rest of the group, but it was not like that. He is still somewhat weakened by his leg, physical condition and injury. After several attempts he preferred to remain practicing with the paraglider on his way back to Puerto Rico in the month of May.

But those who did fly at will were CC, CC Jr., Gregory, Chey, Berto and Luis. Flights to Villa Montaña to the West and Guajataca to the East were the norm. While this happened Luis gave hard to the practices of his students José and Radames who in that excellent climate, took great steps in their learning and their “solo” flights are in the horizon.

Posted by Carlos Candido Rodriguez on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Thaddeus arrived at sunset. And it is that a problem of traffic accident in PR22 caused it to be delayed for more than an hour as expected. However, he manage to launch and make a very good flight around. This time without the direct assistance of Luis for his takeoff and landing.

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  • Hello Luis, consider establishing a Twitter account so you can post updates or changes to this website. You cn even coordinate timely communications as we do locally to fly. It also opens up a communication link for inquires. I clicked your Twitter link this passage though it’s for others to share this website not communicate or follow you fellow pilots. Nice writeup BTW.

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