Weekend, April 20 – 21, 2019

A very active weekend for the Team Kamikazes pilots community. Because the weather conditions were somewhat strong, instead of a specific meeting place, we had to decide where to go and this was assessed on a daily basis.

On Saturday, in Rancho Grande of Anasco a bunch of pilots said present:

  • Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
  • Gregory Santiago
  • Omar Román
  • Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
  • Berto García
  • Chey Sánchez with his wife Arlene and their parents
  • Radames Tirado, from Ponce, starting his training

The weather just perfect. Winds entering from the West until late at night and with an intensity of about 10 mph all day. Chey, Gregory, Eduardo and Omar flying all the way to the Rincón Municipality Beach, while Luis flew around and began the training of Radames.


At one point, Eduardo continued the inflation practices of Esther. She is taking the classes in serious mode and was doing very well. She used this time the Apco Lift from Eduardo. Radames, in other hand, practiced hard all afternoon. He finished exhausted, but that is part of the progress. Little Noah Enrique was joining him in the practices.

In the afternoon, after some lunch, we decided to make a “cross” fly. This time the route was Mayaguez. Luis, Omar, Gregory, Eduardo, Berto and Chey, all launch and fly together in the direction of Mayaguez and a little more. In their way to arrive to Joyudas in Cabo Rojo, the weather began to get difficult and they had to return. We ended up having dinner at Rancho Grande before returning to our homes.

At the same time, in Machos Beach of Ceiba, arrived the pilots Carlos Candido Rodríguez, Roberto Machado and Juan Carlos Correa. The weather was good, and the winds were kind of hard but flyable. CC and JC managed to flew around all the area. The went flying to the Hotel “El Conquistador” and the area known as “Las Croabas” while Roberto practiced with his paraglider on ground.




On Sunday, again we had a very active weather for the north and south coasts and we had to decide the best place for flying,  East or West.

In Machos Beach of Ceiba, came Michael Diaz, Carlos Candido Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Correa, Robert Gonzalez and Roberto Machado. Unfortunately the weather conditions became quite windy, so the activity did not last long. A “Dragged” situation in ground from a paraglider to Roberto and JC finished the activity.

In Rancho Grande of Anasco, Luis Ruiz arrived with his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Thaddeus Gala, Berto García, Gregory Santiago and student Radames Tirado. The wind, as expected, began to enter the West at around 11:00 AM. This was exploited by Berto and Thaddeus to fly around, while Radames, assisted by Luis, began to master the control of paragliding.

At 2 PM rain came into the place and we had to stop the activity. We take the break to get some lunch. At 4 PM the rain ceased temporarily and Berto took advantage to launch, even reached Rincón in his fly. By the time Thaddeus and Gregory were preparing to take off, the rain started again and with this we decided to terminate the activity. Luis Ruiz had some passengers waiting to fly and they were scheduled for a better time.

Soon additional videos will be included…🙂

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