Saturday, June 15, 2019

This weekend, Team Kamikazes of Paramotor Puerto Rico, did not make much noise about the weekend activities. The reason …, the very active climate that has been present for the whole island in the past days. The intensity of winds in the North and South  Coasts has been easily exceeding 20 mph intensity. So we basically have 2 options, the East zone (Ceiba or Humacao flying sites) or go to the West area (Anasco).

This time, because the intensity of the winds was too strong and there was a forecast of announced rains, we decided to go back to Anasco. But before this, we must say that Luis Ruiz went to Boqueron, very early in the morning (6 AM) to take his traditional morning flight, for not to lose the habit. Finally, around 10:30 AM, we met for the first time in the Villa Pesquera area of Anasco. (The area we traditionally used there, Rancho Grande was now separated for an official activity).

When arriving at Villa Pesquera we met with kindness from the owners of nearby businesses, and more importantly, a more comfortable space to carry out our activity.

Arriving Kamikazes to the activity:

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Gregory Santiago, his wife Iveyra and daughter Keyra Lis
Randy Tirado
Berto García

At about 10:30 AM Chey and Luis went out to fly for some minutes and before Randy arrived, the weather was getting more complicated with clouds and rain. And by the time Gregory arrived, we were already under heavy rain. We passed it sharing in the restaurant of the area, between dumplings, assortments and beers.

After a couple of hours of intense rain, the sky opened and allowed the possibility of flights. Chey goes flying easily and fly to the border with Rincon The fly last some 15 minutes. Once it landed, the weather deteriorated again.

In the afternoon, at 4 PM, it finally got good to fly. So good that there was not wind at all😲. So to be able to fly, you had to earn the flight. You had to run and keep running until you could take off. The only one who was comfortable with this condition was Chey who is taking off without major problems with his new and ultra light SkyMax Expedition Moster and Paragliding Apco Lift EZ.

Luis, on his part is suffering a groin injury that does not allow him to run without causing pain. After an attempt with his paraglider BGD Luna, the necessary race for launch was greater than Luis could run without hurting himself. So, he abort his attempt. Then, after resting for a while, he finally accompanied Chey in the air but using the slowest and biggest glider, Apco Thrust XL.

Gregory, tried a couple of times with his paraglider Ozone Speedster 2, but ran a similar luck to Luis. The necessary race to go out was more than what his knee could give. He is still recovering from a ligament operation that took place some months ago.

Then, we arrive at Randy, a rookie pilot of Team Kamikazes. And although he is flying well, this takeoff in zero wind was very much for its level of flight. The important thing is that Randy did not give up at any time, and he tried  several times. And even though he did not fly, he gain a lot of experience and confidence for future flights💪💪.

Berto arrived at sunset to share with us. He recently returned from the Dominican Republic and will be with us in the coming months that include the “cross” flight scheduled for the 29th of this month.

We left at dusk with a good impression of the place. We will surely visit the new place more frequently in the future. Here we leave some pictures of the activity, hope you like it🙂.

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