Saturday, June 22, 2019

The flight activity of Team Kamikazes of Paramotor Puerto Rico this weekend was scheduled for Sunday. This due to strong winds that were affecting the island in the past days. But due to the arrival of a dry, foggy and low wind climate, which was ahead of the forecasts for a day. We gave ourselves the opportunity to fly, without much planning.

It turned out to be, as Juan Carlos Correa would say, an epic day. We met in 3 different places.

In the area of ​​the Freddy Rental in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo, the pilots, Damian Sánchez, Chey Sánchez, Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, Randy Tirado and the international pilot Evan Purdy were present at 6 AM.

Evan had been in Puerto Rico for a few days, and we had previous plans to fly today. The detail of Boqueron, is that although the conditions were very good to fly, you had to earn the flight, running on takeoff. Evan using a SkyMax Moster paramotor from Luis, came out with his Apco NRG PRO without major problems. Later, after some failed attempts, Chey, Ian, and Damian follow him in the adventure.

Evan managed to make a flight around the Sierra Bermeja, passing by the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and the Combate Beach. The rest of the pilots followed him, and Luis kept flying nearby and waiting for Randy to take off to accompany the rest of the pilots. After several attempts Randy gave up on the idea of ​​leaving and saved his strength for tomorrow that promises to be another active day. Was amazing that the Wild Life Forest close to the area of flying gets in Fire during the night. The fire was controlled but you could see in the photos the damage taken by this part of the Reserve.😲

But this was not the only thing that happened in the day. For his part, Eduardo Pabon, went to fly in his town of Barceloneta from where he flew to the Outlet, and later arrived to the town of Manatí and its neighborhoods.

👉Eduardo Pabon flying in Barceloneta👈

👉Eduardo Pabon flying in Barceloneta II👈

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Correa and Gregory Santiago met first at the Machos Beach in Ceiba. They fly to the islets of Ramos, Icacos and Palominos, as well as Cayo Lobo and Cayo Diablo. One observation of Gregory while flying is that the island of Palominitos, no longer exists !!!, is completely covered by sea … We used it in previous years to fly.

👉Juan and Gregory flying over Icacos and the Cays👈

👉Palominito Island Don’t Exist😲😲😲😲

After that, Juan Carlos and Gregory left Ceiba and then went to Punta Santiago of Humacao. There, they went flying over the Monkey Island and all the way to the tourist complex of Palmas del Mar.

👉Gregory flying over Monkey Island, Punta Santiago, Humacao👈

👉Gregory arriving at Palmas del Mar Humacao👈

In short, a lot of stories. But the photos and videos show better the story.💪

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