EOS 150 engine – Probably the New Best Thing in the Paramotor World…

About 3 years ago, I started a business relationship with the people of Pro-Design an aviation equipment specialist from Austria. They are the manufacturers of the EOS 100 and EOS 150. Additionally, they are working  in the development of a 4-stroke engine, that’s for the Paramotor world.

Pro-Design has been incorporating many advances in the engines in order of create a product so reliable that has nothing to envy in performance or safety to any other manufacturer in the market. That include a great service, attention and warranties when they apply.

Right now, they are taking the already reliable EOS 150 to a new level…. now EOS 150 ICI model 2019

I understand that this engine can compete with the best current offers in the market. We have just acquired a new unit and we will be testing and evaluating it. We plan to fly it hard in our demanding weather in Puerto Rico. Expect for our positive and/or negative impressions of the engine in the next months…

The new model, EOS 150 ICI model 2019 comes with a series of improvements over the already reliable engine that we are impress… Check this out.

New Cylinder Design – A re-engineered cylinder with more and larger cooling fins grants for improved cooling behavior. Changes on internal ports location and sizes are improved reliability and performance. A new partner for the Nikasil treatment guarantees a higher quality cylinder.







Piston Rings from A1 grade quality and Gap well adjusted and checked individually.

Modified ICI Ignition coil for increased accuracy for Spark Timing.

New type Reed Valve for longer life span

Re-engineered drive wheel support bracket with highly increased strength

EASY-STARTER housing with reinforced legs and bracings, additional mounting luggage. Stronger middle stud for the spool. Additional small refinements on pull line spools. Also, A1 Grade quality for the new dampening spring with perfect finishing.


Technical Data…

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