Thursday, December 19, 2019

In the afternoon Luis Ruiz went on a private Paramotor flight in the Isabela area. Evaluating the alternatives and considering that he was alone, he decided for the area in front of the Posa de Teodoro at the Jobos de Isabela Beach. There was more public and that is important in case you need any help.

His friend Kikito, owner of the parking place attached to Jobos Beach, as always very gentle, helped Luis accommodate his vehicle quite close to the takeoff and landing area. The wind was strong. About 17 mph with gusts of even 22 mph were the norm. That means that even if the flight was pleasant, takeoff and landing would be delicate.

The flight was, as expected, a very good one. It had an estimated duration of one hour and covered the entire coast from Villa Montana to Villa Pesquera. Here we leave some photos (and probably a video soon) that best describe the activity.✌️

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