Saturday, December 21, 2019

Clear day, with little chance of rain. There was a small detail … the wind forecasts for the whole island were very high. With this in mind, the Kamikazes pilots, Ted Sowinski, Dimas and Luis Ruiz got up early at the “Freddy Rental” launch area in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. As expected there was no wind at 6:30 AM. This is ideal for flying, as long as the pilots can take off in those conditions.

Everyone quickly prepared their equipment and began to launch at 7 AM. Luis was first, followed by Ted and then Dimas. Both Luis and Ted flew across the valley to the town of Lajas. Luis even reached the area of ​​fog that was right in the border with the town of Guanica. Dimas preferred to stay around Boquerón flying. At about 8 AM they were already landing.

Ted and Dimas had subsequent commitments, but Luis went to “La Guancha” in Ponce, where he arrived at about 10:30 AM. There, several members of Team Kamikazes met. Besides Luis, were Sao Cruz, Gregory Santiago, Chelo Meléndez and his son Marcos, the student Carlos Robles and his family, Jimmy Gueits, Randy Tirado and his son, and Jessica Cruz, Luis’s wife, with their children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique.

Unfortunately, the winds were rising in intensity (as expected) and it was not possible to fly or even practice. So students Carlos, Marcos and Jimmy will have to be patient and expect better conditions. We had the opportunity to give Chelo his new paraglider Apco Lift EZ R next to his Free Air Com III helmet. Similarly, he will have to wait for better conditions to practice and fly it.

We left there early in the afternoon. There will be better days to enjoy the sport…

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