Sunday, December 22, 2019

Festive atmosphere and windy weather is the predominant for the whole island these days. Even so, some pilots with the desire to fly have the opportunity. This was the case today in Rancho Grande Anasco. When it was difficult for the whole island to fly, in Anasco, things looked different. Winds entering from the West at 10 mph predominated all day.

From mid day, pilots presents at the place were, Chey Sánchez, Ted Sowinski, Gregory Santiago and Luis Ruiz. Next to us, as is typical on Sundays in the area, was a Live music from the restaurant and people who came to know a little more about the sport. So there was a good flying environment.

Chey and Gregory as usual, took a flight all over Rincon and then in their return went with Luis to Mayaguez. We flew over the Bay in Mayaguez, where our friend and Team Kamikazes pilot, Berto García, had a forced landing with his Quicksilver, which ended up falling into the water. We could not locate where it was located.

Meanwhile, Ted was practicing with his paraglider. A subsequent flight had to be postponed because a seam of his paramotor harness needs a reinforcement.

For a day that was windy everywhere, Anasco presented us with a very nice day of flight. Here we leave some photos of the activity, we hope you like it.

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