Tuesday, December 24, 2019 (Christmas Eve…)

Christmas Eve…, and it turned out to be an epic flyable day… The place, Villa Pesquera Isabela. The flight conditions were strong for the whole island but we have a good window for flying in Isabela. Go figure, than from the city of Hatillo in the direction of San Juan the conditions were windy with winds entering from SSE. The same was repeated throughout the island to the town of Anasco. Only from Aguadilla to Quebradillas did we have gentle winds entering from the North. Just a few pilots met in this epic day, and was unforgettable for them.

On behalf of Team Kamikazes, Luis Ruiz, Michael Diaz, José “TNT” Villanueva and Ted Sowinski were presents.  Also, we received the visit of international pilots Eric Austin and his wife Sandrine (from Washington State) and Roberto Rodríguez and his wife Adela (from Dominican Republic). Both are excellent pilots not only in paramotor but also in Free Flight.

Luis prepared the equipment early in the morning and went for a short fly testing the weather. Once he confirmed that everything was fine, he gave the green light to the rest of the pilots. Ted and Michael were the first on air soon after Luis landed.


After some minutes, Luis coordinated that Eric (with Fly Products Atom80 and Ozone Spyder 3 paraglider), and TNT (SkyMax EOS100 and Apco Thrust paraglider) went flying. This is just the second fly of his career for TNT and he was enjoying it to the fullest. On Eric’s part, imagine… in Washington the temperature is around 30F, and here he was flying in excellent weather and at 80F. After their launch, Luis also went flying. This time taking Sandrine for a Tandem fly. She had previous Tandem Free Flight experience and here she was amazed at how smooth the paramotor flight was.

After 2 PM, Luis started to pack but noticed that the wind conditions remained coming from North and now with higher intensity. Maybe enough for Eric and Roberto taste the Free Flight feeling from the top of the Farallón. So, we headed towards the top of the Farallón. In our way we communicated with Fernan Lassalle and Iván Torres, who were on their ways to met us there. Beside, Ted and TNT said goodbye as they had commitments.

Once in the Farallón, Roberto went flying for a few minutes, while Eric, although wish to fly, need to leave for previous compromises. Fernan, Ivan and a pilot from Washington DC, named Felix, arrived and got to fly. Michael stayed with them all afternoon, in route to do add this type of flying in his resume. The flight window closed at 4 PM. Each and every one of the pilots who were present had their great moments in the air.

As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏.

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