Saturday, December 28, 2019

Second day of the intensive course of Zou. This time we went to “La Guancha” in Ponce. The weather was perfect for flying and practicing all day. There, arrived Bkr Zou and the “Kamikazes” pilots, Michael Diaz, Deron Freeman and his wife Carla, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Gregory Santiago, Sao Cruz, Ted Sowinski, Billy Aviles and Randy Tirado.

In the case of Deron and Carla, they had arrived yesterday on the island. Surprisingly for them, when they arrived at the San Juan Airport, they failed to find a car to rent in any of the car rentals near the airport. Were all rented 😲😲. It is remarkable that many people have been traveling to Puerto Rico these days. We managed to solve the situation today. Michael picked them up in the morning in the San Juan area and drove with them to Ponce, where Luis borrowed them with a car so they could move on the island.

Once in Ponce, we were surprised to see Carla practicing with the paragliding in the process of accompanying Deron in the future through the air of Connecticut. Together with Carla, was Zou practicing. He gradually start to mastering the control of the paraglider. The kid, Noah Enrique also practiced a little with the assistance of his father Luis.

Luis practicing his son Noah Enrique of just 4 years old!!!

Meanwhile and with gentle winds, Gregory surprised us by flying his paramotor with a 3-wheel Trike. He was accompanied in the air by Luis, Sao, Ted and Deron. In the case of Gregory and Randy, they went flying “cross” and came to fly to the town of Guaniquilla in a round trip. Deron at a time of his flight climb high to more than 1,500 ft of altitude. Sao flew several times adjusting his equipment and Ted flew long distance towards the town of Santa Isabel.

Weather perfect…

Grego showing skills with the Trike.

We left there at sunset, exhausted but happy with the great day of flights we had. Tomorrow the plans are to visit Anasco where many pilots have previously confirmed their attendance. Here we leave some photos of the activity. Hope you like it.

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