Friday, December 27, 2019

After a rainy day yesterday, we started early today with the intensive Paramotor training of Bkr Zou. He came directly from Rhode Island, but it is original from Morocco and had separated its date of taking the training and here we are, ready to begin.

The starting point was our traditional Villa Pesquera Isabela. In the morning hours the conditions were still bad. Relatively strong winds and clouds reign in the morning. At about 10 AM the day was improving until it became an excellent day for flying and enjoy the beaches. Together with Zou, and instructor Luis Ruiz, were presents the International Pilots Ted Sowinski and Eric Austin and his wife Sandrine.

While Luis was training Zou, both Ted and Eric flew around. At one point Luis accompanied them in the air. We were in the area until 2:30 PM when we were already exhausted and hungry. We close the day having lunch at a nearby restaurant. Here some photos of the activity. Hope you like it.

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