Saturday, January 25, 2020

The weekend arrived, and with this also we left behind the adverse climate that affect the island during the past two weeks. This time we have excellent weather, ideal for flying and sharing all day. The meeting point was the traditional Villa Pesquera Isabela. And as you can imagine, there is much to tell …

Saying present from the family of the “Kamikazes” Team were:

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Chelo Meléndez, his wife Jessy and children
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Alex Diaz
Dave Pazan
Omar Román
Jerry Valentin
José “TNT” Villanueva
Ted Sowinski
Guadalupe Rojas
Alberto Sabah (New student)
Raúl Colon (Possible new student)

Today was a busy day for Instructor Luis Ruiz. In addition to the group mentioned, several people from different parts of the island arrived to live their experiences in the paramotor:

  •  Dylan, a young kid who had asked as a birthday present to live the flight experience in Paramotor. He arrived accompanied by his parents.
  • JJ, who had arrived with his parents Charles Vollum and wife from San Juan.
  • Gregory, a native of New York, who saw us flying during the week, and made an appointment to enjoy his flight. And he was ready early in the morning.
  • Lupe Rojas, who enjoyed a fly as part of his stories for his YouTube channel.
  • Raúl Colon, who was traveling from Orocovis and when he saw some paramotors pass by the road, followed them until he found us in Isabela. Raul is considering starting the course. We will keep you informed.

Apart from this, Luis began the training for Alberto Sabah, a native of Uruguay and who is residing in Isabela. Also the continuation of training to Dave and “TNT”. They have already flown, but are in the period of improvement.

Jerry Valentín also arrived to take some film shots with his new camera “Insta 360”, which we share below. Alex, Omar, Chey, Pablo, Ted and Luis flew comfortably through the area and while Jerry took the shots. While “TNT” practiced with his new Apco Lift EZ R paraglider, color “Lagoon”, very beautiful.

In late afternoon, we gave hard to the practices of Marcos, son of Chelo. With just 11 years old is practically ready for his first “solo” flight in the paramotor. He would be the youngest pilot in history in Puerto Rico to fly💪. After a couple of flights using the “Towing” method, carried out by Pablo and Chey. Marcos climbed to about 60 ft tall. Already with the Paramotor on his back (the ultra light SkyMax EOS100 of 36 pounds), he did a couple of practices with the paraglider. He gets tired practicing so we postponed his flight attempt for an upcoming occasion.

While in Santa Isabel, the Team’s pilots, Carlos Cándido Rodríguez and Gregory Santiago, met in the morning to make a flight with their Paramotor “Trikes”. They even flew to “La Guancha” in Ponce before picking up. This was in the morning and we left some videos here …

CC launching the Trike…

As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏…

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