Sunday, January 26, 2020

Today was training day. Yesterday with so much movement and things happening around us, we could not attend to our students as we would have liked. But today we were early back at Villa Pesquera Isabela and again with excellent conditions to fly and practice.

Together with Instructor Luis Ruiz, arrived early in the morning at Isabela, Dave Pazan, José “TNT” Villanueva, Alberto Sabah and Raul Colon all the way from Orocovis to start the training today. Also the pilot, Ted Sowinski accompanied by her professional work friend Kendra. She lives in California and works with the study of earthquakes there, and is here in Puerto Rico as part of the studies carried out in the southern zone. Today was his only day off and came to enjoy her experience on the Paramotor flight.

Luis was attending Alberto and Dave in practice, while TNT was polishing his skills with his new paraglider. We also started Raul’s training. The light breeze that dominated the morning was not helping the paragliders to stay inflated. But it is part of what students should understand and know how to handle. There was a lot of exercise and sweat …

At one point and waiting for the winds to rise a bit, Luis made the Paramotor Tandem fly to Kendra. It was very pleasant due to the excellent weather conditions. The fly goes all the way to Jobos Beach and the surrounding area. Kendra was very excited and happy for her flight, as well as surprised at the beauties of our island.

After this we continued with Alberto and Raul’s training, while Dave went flying around in his second flight of his young career. He made very good takeoffs and landings. TNT tried to take off but some technical issues prevented the fly… Surely in the next attempt we will correct the details.

In the afternoon, José Santini with his wife Zoe arrived from Luquillo. He was practicing with the paraglider. Luis took the opportunity to take him to fly next to him, giving him the controls on air. His first “solo” fly is approaching….

In the next few days we will continue with the development of new students and pilots, Stay Tuned….

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