Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Again we were back at Villa Pesquera Isabela, this time in the afternoon. There was a possibility that student Dave Pazan could make his first “solo” flight after a couple of days of intense training. His companions Allan Young and other friends had come together to witness Dave’s attempt.

The clear sky and winds of the SE predominated throughout the island. But for Isabela, and possibly for the bordering towns of Aguadilla and Quebradillas, we had a gentle wind entering the north ideal for flying. So we were going to try.

They met, in addition to Luis, Ted Sowinski, Dave Pazan, Allan Young and their friends. Luis and Ted went flying around testing the weather as some clouds formed over us. Even Luis made a “Demo” Tandem flight to Justin, one of Dave’s friends who had arrived at the activity.

The equipment to be used for Dave’s first flight was the SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor of just 36 pounds (possibly the lightest in the world) and 20 HP, and a noble paraglider like the Apco Thrust in size 28, for a good lift.

Y aquí otro nuevo integrante del Team Kamikazes que voló hoy por primera vez solo en Villa Pesquera ISABELA. Su nombre Dave Pazan. Felicidades ✌️💪

Posted by Luis Ruiz Kamikazes on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dave, stabilized the paraglider and took off without major problems. His friends very happy with his success. His landing was also very good. He was in the air for about 30 minutes.

Congratulations!!! I hope it is the first of many more 💪💪.

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