Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday we gets back to business, after the strong activities of Saturday in Loiza and Ceiba. This time Luis Ruiz coordinated with pilot and friend Omar Colon to meet and fly in Isabela. Along with these, the student Eric Betancourt was also present. This time accompanied by his father, Eric. Also, the friend Paulino González came to take some photos and videos, which we will show here. Thanks!!!

The sky was clear, but the wind was increasing its intensity minute by minute. Luis made an early flight, before Omar arrived. But by the time Omar got there around 10 AM, the wind was hovering around 18 mph with some gusts over 20 mph 🙄. This also applied to the practice of Eric with the paraglider.

At that point, Luis considered stopping the activity, but Omar’s positive attitude to fly despite the strong wind made Luis postpone the idea. In addition, Omar had a performance paraglider to withstand that wind and something else (Ozone Speedster 3)…

Omar Colon mounting his Fly Products Eclipse Moster.

The minutes continued to tick, and by the time Omar was ready to take off, the wind would surely be at 20 mph+. Luis observed Omar’s behavior in the Take Off, and as expected, he went to fly with difficulty, but also with security. Luis accompanied him and they were flying around the area for a few minutes, which included Omar’s visit to the Posa de Teodoro.

Omar Colon Launching at 20mph wind?

Eventually Luis landed first to keep an eye on Omar, who also made an excellent landing. With this execution, as Sammy Badillo and Derick Castro have done recently, the 3 pilots have risen to their third star in flight level. (Team Kamikazes Members). Congratulations 💪!!!

Omar Colon Landing in Heavy Winds…

As for Eric, he bought the Paramotor Fly Products Rider ATom80 that Luis Ruiz owned. This one is ideal for his weight. So we do not doubt that we will soon have him in the air with the rest of the pilots.

Here are some photos of the activity (Thanks Paulino) …

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