Monday and Tuesday, December 21 – 22, 2020

After a Sunday rest, due to the “Lock Down” of the Pandemic. We went back to work with recharged energies to Villa Pesquera Isabela in order to continue training to new Team students.

We decided both days to meet in the early hours of the day (8 AM), since despite the excellent weather, the conditions were quite windy. We need to take advantage of the morning and when things got strong we pack back to our homes.

Kamikaze pilots present in the activity of these two days …

David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz with his son Ian Darrell
Alberto Sabah
Eric Betancourt
Noel Vale
Danis Rodriguez
Hermes Ferrer (New Team Student)
Enrique González (New Team student)


Early in the day, we concentrated on the practice of inflating the glider. Enrique, Ian, Amara, and Hermes were practicing in a wind intensity of 15 mph. Luis and David assisted them. Amara is doing great and gets closer every day to her first “solo” flight with the paramotor 💪…

Then David made a Demo flight to Carla Ortiz, a native of Coamo, while Ian Darrell took his father, Darrell González, as part of his training to be an Instructor.

Carla Ortiz Experience!!!

Alberto, Noel, and Eric Betancourt were arriving but the flight conditions were strong and they decided not to fly. Eric took the opportunity to practice with the paraglider. Both Enrique and Hermes had a difficult time in their practices. Every time they missed an instruction or use the wrong hand to correct the glider, the wind reminded them how strong it was 😑.

We picked up around noon, when the wind conditions became very strong. Not before David take off with the small 14-meter BGD Seed paraglider. He felt very comfortable with it, and as he told, was way better than expected experience flying this small glider.


Again we arrive early in the morning to Villa Pesquera Isabela. This time the students Hermes and Enrique were the first to arrive to continue their training. Followed later by David, Amara and Luis. The wind, as observed in the “Forecast” was even stronger than yesterday, we estimate its intensity at 20 mph + from our arrival.

The paragliders used today were two 14-meter BGD Seed, an Apco F1 18-meter and an 18.5-meter Apco NRG PRO. All them ready to face the intensity of the winds. Also the students Enrique and Hermes, arrived more prepared to fight with that wind. Even today they were enjoying the challenge that the wind proposed to them. Both advanced a lot in their progress and we are already beginning to think about their first “solo” flights 😊 …

Hermes progress, also David and Ian in control challenge!!!
Enrique showing skills!!!

As for the flights, only Ian (using the NRG PRO) and David using the F1 were flying. David even performed two Demo flights for youngsters Wilson Jr. and Camila, who arrived accompanied by their parents Wilson Sr. and Stephie, to enjoy the flight experience. They were both very happy with their experiences, which included a visit to the Royal Isabela Golf Course.

Wilson and Camila Experience!!!

Danis Rodríguez also arrived accompanied by his daughter. But given the intensity of the winds, he preferred to stay with his daughter enjoying the beach and the nature of the place.

We finish the activity around noon. The winds were already over 22 mph +. Time to go to rest.

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