Saturday, December 26, 2020

Excellent flight day and healthy sharing!!! This time our meeting point was our traditional and beautiful Villa Pesquera Isabela. From early on, several members of Team Kamikazes came to fly, share and polish their skills.

There is much to tell, but we go on part … First, our dear friend and veteran pilot Pablo Cruz, could not make an appearance due to health problems. We hope he recover soon and gets ready to go back to flying as soon as possible💪.

Saying present at the activity were …

David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica, and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Eric Betancourt and his father Eric Sr.
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neysha and children
José Fuentes and his wife
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah
Luis “Tiza” López
Enrique González
Several possible new members of the Team …

But before commenting on what happened in the activity, I must take a parenthesis and tell you that last Wednesday, December 23, we stopped our activities to take David and Amara to do internal tourism in the island.

Orocovis – Villalba – Coamo

A visit to the Orocovis/Villalba highest point on the island was a must. As a visit to the house of our pilot and friend Ariel Rodríguez, who accompanied us to eat and share in his house during the visit. Thank you very much Ariel, as always for your great attention💪.

From there, another obligatory visit was to take David and Amara to the Coamo Thermal Baths, where legend said that this is the Fountain of Youth looked for centuries …, and today hundreds of years later, the waters that flow there are still as hot or hotter than before😲. Luis, David and Amara were amazed by the energy of the place, and they went as far as getting into the warmest spring fountain…

David and Amara Tour.

Villa Pesquera, Isabela

Then, getting back to flight activity, today was mostly a training day for the new generation of Team pilots. It was possible taking advantage of the excellent climate we have all day. As we sometimes jokingly comment, “If we could save a bit of this weather to use another time, 🙂). Normally for this dates, the heavy winds predominate and today, however, everything was perfect.

Everyone had their story. We began by indicating that the new students Hermes, Enrique and José Fuentes were present from early on. Both Hermes and Enrique had already a couple of days of intense training ahead of Jose, and they are getting closer and closer to their first “solo” flights. And the case of José surprised us, despite not being able to attend some training sessions. By taking the paraglider to practice, he showed great skills in controlling it, so he is also close too.

Today unfortunately for Hermes, he had to leave early and could only practice a little in the morning. And in the case of Enrique, again he had an intense morning of practice that culminated in a Demo flight with David, where he was in charge of the flight controls at all times. By doing everything with excellence, we began to visualize the idea that Enrique would try his first “solo” flight in the afternoon.

While this was happening with the students, the Kamikazes pilots Alberto, Sammy and Eric Betancourt, gave hard to the flights by the surroundings. The three of them were dedicated to polishing their skills in their takeoffs and landings and some “Touch & Go”.

Both Alberto and Sammy took off and landed as they pleased. Their progress are very remarkable and in Alberto’s case, it is worth noting that with these demonstrations he has risen to his third star in flight level. Congratulations 💪!!!

Alberto Sabah Landing!!!

In Eric’s case, it was nice to see him fly not once, but three times until he used up all the gas he had carried. This time using a BGD Luna 2 glider, quite similar to the ordered one (but smaller size). His joy was evident. He was realizing his dream of flying. Congratulations!!!!. So much was his joy that his father Eric Sr. was encouraged to go on a demo flight with David with the idea of ​​starting training soon.

Eric Betancourt Experience!!!

And speaking of Demo flights, while Luis attended the new students. David, assisted by Amara, had his hands full performing some Demo flights for people interested in getting into the sport. Some of whom expressed interest in going one step further with the start of training, as Eric Sr. case.

Living the Experience!!!

Luis “Tiza” López, although he could not fly, arrived and spent a good afternoon with us. We chat about possible flights, family, and our healthy sharing. Very grateful his visit.

Enrique Gonzalez First Paramotor First Fly!!!

Then, after some well gained rest from Enrique, it was time to try his first Paramotor “solo” fly? Luis meet with him in private and start to discuss all the procedures. Enrique feels fine and with good attitude. So, we are going for it… After some practice with the Paramotor on Enrique’s back, he turn, and Luis turn On the engine and VOILA, Enrique was making his first Paramotor “Solo” fly!!!. He was in the air for more than 30 minutes. Then the landing was also good, and the face from Enrique express his joy!!!. Inclusive he looks exhausted after the fly. We suppose there’s a lot of energy and emotions running by him. Hope this is the first of many more in the future for him. Congratulations 💪💪💪!!!!

Enrique First Paramotor Fly Ever!!!

We finished the afternoon enjoying gentle and constant winds from the NNE. With this, David and Ian went to play with the paragliders together with José Fuentes. They even formed a paragliding war and also did some tricks taking advantage of the smooth sandy hill of Villa Pesquera.

Luis also took little Noah Enrique to practice and perform his first mini low-altitude flights. Noah’s happy face was priceless, discovering the pleasure of flying, and also Luis and Jessica’s faces🙂 …

Noah first steps in Paragliding.
Noah Best Fly so far!!!!…
David and Ian making some Tricks with the gliders.

In the end we are what we leave to our children and students in this life. This is our legacy …

As always, we thank God for these opportunities that allows us to live 🙏!

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