Saturday, December 19, 2020

With the arrival of the Christmas weekend, many pilots of the “Kamikazes” family were activated. And not only that, but we continue to grow with the arrival of three (3) new students (and future pilots) 💪.

But let’s go on part … First, we decided to go this Saturday to Parque del Norte in Hatillo. Central location on the island, for all those interested in going to have a good time with us, either flying or to learn a little more about the sport.

The first thing we have to mention is that the honorable mayor of Hatillo, Mr. Chely Rodríguez, cleaned the facilities that we use to take off and land. This place on the beach was full of bamboos and river waste. In previous week we presented the situation to the mayor, who expedited work in the area. Thank you very much Chely 💪!!!

We had a very active day from early on, and we had visits from different parts of the island.

Pilots and family Kamikazes present …

Ariel Rodríguez and her grandchildren Derick and Kenneth
David Garber and his wife Amara
Eric Román and his mother
Luis Ruiz and his son Ian Darrell González
José “TNT” Villanueva
Sammy Badillo
Eric Betancourt
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Awilda and daughter Katelyn (New student)
José Fuentes and his wife (New student)
Enrique González (New student)

Each one with a story to tell, so let’s go with each one of them …

Ariel Rodríguez – As usual, always arriving early to activities. Once Derick finished using the Paramotor. Ariel took off and went to fly around and as is his custom he took height and went to fly over Sardinera Beach. Where he went a little later with his grandson Kenneth.

Derick Castro – He continues his progress. He used the BGD Luna 2 on his flights. He was also aware of the takeoffs and landings of his grandfather Ariel.

Take Off from Derick Castro with just 15 years old.

David Garber – He was assisting Luis Ruiz with the new students and also made some Demo flights to people interested in sports. As was the case of the young graduate Valerie González from Utuado, Migdalia Colon from Guaynabo and the student José Fuentes. He also make unforgettable flights to the children Katelyn Ferrer and Kenneth (Ariel’s nephew).

The launching moment of Kenneth with David!!!!
Katelyn Turn!!!
Migdalia Reaction!!!

Valerie Gonzalez (graduated and Possible Student of the Team) – Here her story of the day….

Launching time for Valerie Gonzalez.
Part of the trip I
Part of the Trip II
Valerie Reaction!!!

Eric Román – He arrived with his mother to share in the activities with the Kamikazes family.

Luis Ruiz – He had a busy day attending new students of the Team.

Ian Darrell – Demonstrating his skills, and taking advantage of the strong wind, he flew the fast Apco F1 paraglider of 18 meters. Which was very useful when the wind in his flight exceeded 20 mph !!!.

José “TNT” Villanueva – He was practicing with his Apco Lift EZ R glider. He also prepared a video for his YouTube channel reviewing the Team’s activities.

From TNT Channel…

Sammy Badillo – Waiting for a Line to repair his paraglider… Sammy had the opportunity to fly Ariel’s Ozone Spyder 3 paraglider. He was amazed by how much lift it has. He commented that he hardly had to accelerate the Paramotor to gain altitude …

Eric Betancourt – Already with an experience of 4 flights in his career. Eric went with the idea of ​​flying again. But this time the wind was too strong for his experience and we decided to postpone his flights, possibly until next Monday.

Hermes Ferrer – Officially started his Paramotor course. He arrived accompanied by his family and his daughter Katelyn, took a Demo flight with Instructor David Garber. Experiences that are never forgotten. Hermes had a tiring day mastering the paraglider in strong wind conditions. So apart from practicing, he exercised quite a bit 🙂.

Difficulties at the very beginning!!!!
Hermes getting better!!
Hermes Reaction!!!

José Fuentes – After taking two (2) Demo flights, where he was overcoming his altitude phobias. José officially started his Paramotor training. He was there exercising while paragliding in high winds. Looks in good shape condition for practice for some hours…

Jose Fuentes First steps in the Sport.

Enrique González – Officially started his Paramotor course. Just as it happened with Hermes and José. He had initially a difficult time controlling the paraglider in high winds. But at the end of the day things started to improve and he had a better command of practice.

Enrique Gonzalez First steps!!!
Enrique getting better!!!

We left the Parque del Norte at sunset and everyone was happy for the experiences we had during the day. And that’s what it’s all about, as we always thank God for these opportunities that he allows us to live 🙏.

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