Saturday, January 23, 2021

After several months without attending, we returned to “Las Criollas” Beach in Barceloneta. Through our development in the sport over the past 20 years, we have many stories there. Today we return to continue new stories and remember the past in the area.

We had a great turnout from Team Kamikazes pilots and families.

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
José Fuentes, his wife and son Gamaliel
David Garber and his wife Amara
Sammy Badillo
Luis Ruiz
Omar Colon
Eric Roman
Luis Daniel Ayala
Noel Vale
Robert Rodriguez
Gustavo Verta
Dave Hargett
Samuel Travis
Miguel Vázquez and his family (Possible student)
Patrick, his wife Emmy and son Patrick Jr. (Possible student)

The weather was good for flying, and the grass in the takeoff and landing area was trimmed. The wind stayed around 15 mph from NE all day. In this situation, it was perfect to fly as long as you had the right equipment to do so and above all, the ability to take off and land with some turbulence 💪.

The beginning and Dave Hargett Launch..

Pablo, Alberto, Sammy, Omar, Samuel and Dave went flying without major problems in the surroundings during the morning. In the case of Dave and Samuel, they brought their gas tanks quite full and they ventured to make a “Cross” flight from Barceloneta, passing the entire coast of Arecibo until they reached Parque del Norte in Hatillo. Once there, they received some assistant of gasoline for their trip back to Barceloneta. They both had no problem returning using their fast paragliders ITV Piper and BGD Luna 2.

While this was happening, Luis Ruiz and David Garber were dedicated to give Demo flights that they had pending to the possible student Patrick, his wife Emmy and their son Patrick Jr. They had traveled from the town of Las Piedras to share with the family of Team Kamikazes .

Team Kamikazes Experiences…

It turned out that Patrick Sr.’s flight could not be carried out due to the complications at the takeoff site and the associated turbulence. Added to Patrick’s weight which was considerable to make the flight. This flight will be coordinated for the next occasion. However, this was not the case for Emmy and her son Patrick Jr., who had the opportunity to fly around the Colon statue area in Arecibo and enjoy great experiences.

Patrick, Emmy and Patrick Jr. Experience…

Later Demo flights to the future student of the Team, Miguel Vázquez and his family were postponed until tomorrow Sunday in Isabela.

Miguel Vazquez and the Gift to Paola!!!!

In the case of the rookie pilots of the Team, Eric Román and Luis Daniel Ayala, the instructor Luis Ruiz did not want to push their flights in that area. Both stayed all day practicing with the paragliders in the area. They were accompanied by the student José Fuentes and other pilots such as Noel and Gustavo, on their way to fly later in the day.

Training Session…

In the afternoon, we began to plan among the pilots present a “cross” flight to “Mar Chiquita” Beach in Manatí, for this we had to go flying upwind , and pass the area known as “La Boca” in Barceloneta, the Manatí river, and the always beautiful and mysterious Esperanza Beach until reaching “Mar Chiquita”.

Also in the afternoon, Pilots Danis Rodríguez and Gregory Santiago flew all the way from Hatillo to Barceloneta. They both planned to arrive, say hello, and return to Hatillo. But we put gasoline in their tanks so that they would accompany us on the journey to Mar Chiquita. Unfortunately Samuel Travis and Dave Hargett had personal commitments and could not be in the afternoon to do this route.

After a coordination of takeoffs, the pilots Danis, Gregory, Sammy Badillo, Omar Colon, Alberto Sabah, Luis Ruiz and David Garber with his wife Amara in Tandem flight (and using a BGD Luna 2 23 meters for the flight) left for Manatí. ).

The launching from David and Amara, in a BGD Luna 2.

The flight, as expected, a marvel. The landscape, always impressive. Esperanza beach, always so mysterious and special. David came to comment that he had enjoyed this trip more than his laps in the morning through the area of ​​the statue of Colon 🙂…

The arrival from Mar Chiquita.
The Cross fly to Manati in 1 minute and a half…

It was nice to see the Team pilots, Sammy Badillo and Omar Colon enjoying the flight, together with the most experienced pilots. Omar, at one point was showing the student Jose Fuentes his way to keep record of every fly he made. And that’s include the records of hours flying, temperature of engine, etc…

The Take Off from Omar Colon.

On our way back to Barceloneta, we passed over a paragliding pilot making Free Flight, taken advantage of the NE winds to fly the dunes formed in the Barceloneta area near “La Boca”. He was flying between the palms and over some residences. He looked very experienced in his execution and apparently flies a lot in that area. Someday we will find him and join his flight form in the area.

Noel and Roberto were not flying this time. And as is normal in Gustavo, he selected 4 PM for his private flight around the area. He took off without major problems and went flying around the statue area. An hour-long flight and for Gustavo this was his first flight in 2021 💪.

In the afternoon we packed our gears. There are plans to continue flying tomorrow Sunday in Isabela, and the highway was full of people from all sides. So we need to leave early..

As always we thank God for these opportunities that he allows us to live 🙏.

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