Thursday, January 21, 2021

An afternoon of flights on a day with excellent weather. It turns out that Luis Ruiz was with his equipment of flight and in the afternoon he stopped in Isabela to take a private flight.

This time David Garber and his wife Amara were in Humacao flying in Punta Santiago with pilots Dave Hargett, Samuel and Adam Travis. Also, the Isabela’s local pilot, Alberto Sabah, was busy at home.

Luis was flying around and before returning home, he had the opportunity to perform two Demo flights. This time to Alex, who was traveling from Florida with his family, and Geovanna Vicente, a native of Isabela.

👉Part of the Experience of Geovanna from her Perspective….👈

Geovanna Experience!!!
Alex & Family from Florida.

They both enjoyed their flights very much. Which included a low pass over a group of cows that were enjoying the beach in a private place for them 😃.

Cows in the Beach!!!
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