Tuesday and Wednesday, April 13-14, 2021

These past few days have been, as expected, the best of the year in terms of the gentle sea breeze to be able to enjoy our sport to its maximum splendor.

This was used by some members of Team Kamikazes to spread their wings in different parts of the island.


In the Beach “El Único” in Dorado we had José Roberto Nieves taking a “Live” video during the afternoon…

👉Fly of Jose Roberto Nieves at “El Unico” Beach, Dorado.👈

In the same way, Danis Rodríguez, went with his family to Isabela to fly early and ended up in the afternoon flying in his hometown of Anasco, he also made some Live videos …

👉Danis Rodriguez taking altitude looking to conquer the Mountain of “La Cadena” in Anasco.👈


The climate continued with excellence. North winds of about 5 to 10 mph were constant during the afternoon hours in the Villa Pesquera Isabela area.

This time saying present were Danis Rodríguez and his family, Iván Torres, Noel Vale, Hermes Ferrer, Luis Ruiz, Sammy Badillo, Alberto Sabah and the possible new student Geovanna Vicente who took a Demo fly.

Noel and Hermes were facing unexpected problems with their Paramotors and, not being able to fly, they dedicated themselves to exercising and polishing their skills by inflating their paragliders in the flight zone.

Sammy and Alberto, for their part, flew around as they pleased and much progress is observed in both pilots. They are enjoying the sport to the fullest.

As for Iván, he was in the area of ​​the top of the Cliff (El Farallón), from where he flew in “Free Flight” mode (no Paramotor) taking advantage of the north wind currents. The weather was so good that it kept flying for over an hour and flew all the way to the Royal Isabela Golf Course area before returning. He ended up landing at a meeting point with the rest of the pilots in Villa Pesquera 💪.

Ivan Torres launching from “El Farallon”, Video from Pamela.

Now we go with Danis, he had talked in the past weeks with Instructor Luis Ruiz, about the possibility of learning to perform Demo Flights and in turn becoming an Instructor at some future time.

This idea has been taking shape, thanks to Danis’ skills and good command of flying. Today was a step further in that direction, when with the assistance and instructions of Luis, Danis took his daughter Jullie to fly. It is the first time that Danis made a Demo Flight, and it was a very special one for him and his daughter. They actually landed to rest and then came back up, so actually, it did its first two Demo flights. Later, we will continue with Danis’ trainings, of which we will keep you informed. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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