Sunday, April 11, 2021

Again we had the opportunity to “Touch Lives”. And it is that in excellent weather conditions, we were able to make several Demo flights to people interested in the sport. In a very positive way, each and every one of them overcame their challenges and managed to feel the pleasure of flying and feeling free 🥰…

First of all we are going to mention that we were in Villa Pesquera Isabela. A heavenly place…

The family of Team Kamikazes pilots was present, We can mention …

Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Iván Torres, his wife Pamela and son Caleb
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Ted Sowinski, accompanied by his friends Misty and Emilie
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
Sammy Badillo
Roberto Negron
Gregoire Bobo
Javier Alers (Possible Student)

The weather, as we mentioned, was excellent. A 5-10 mph wind coming in from the NNE held all day until the end of the day. This was used by the pilots, Ted, Alberto, Sammy, and the students Roberto and Gregoire to fly for hours around the surroundings.

Thanks to the fact that Pablo was in charge of the students, Luis Ruiz dedicated himself to make Demo flights to the people who approached us looking for more information about the sport and enjoying the flight experiences that it provides. One of them was the friend from “Alma Mater Colegial” and all time athletes Wilfredo Maisonave and his wife Esther Munoz…

As we mentioned, we are blessed to be able to touch lives in a positive way. And without more to say, we better leave here a Video that best expresses the experiences of the day … I hope you like it.

Always thanking God for everything and therefore 🙏…


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