Sunday, April 18, 2021

Hot and sunny day !!!!, and due to the Covid 19 restrictions, this time we did not set up a tent, to avoid conglomerations, and we had to hide well from the sun 🥵…

Once again we were in the heavenly Isabela, in its Fishing Village, and in excellent flight conditions, but as we mentioned, very sunny 🥵…

Luis Ruiz with his son Ian Darrell and his girlfriend Paola were the first to arrive, followed later by Sammy Badillo, Ted Sowinski, Alberto Sabah and Omar Colon.

Sammy had some unexpected problems in his Paramotor, but eventually he managed to fly, along with the rest of the pilots who gathered. Alberto, Ted, Ian and Omar all flying in good shape and all taking off in winds of less than 3 mph 💪.

Again the weather presented us with very mild winds, which made it difficult to carry out Demo Flights for interested people. Even so, we managed to carry out some of these, such as Mr. Aquino from Camuy, Christian and their sons Miguel and Dariel from the Isabela area, and Hiram who came from Vega Baja. All bringing a beautiful experience to their homes.

In fact Hiram’s words were very good and we present below.

And this is what it is all about, this is our contribution, to bring joy to all of us who can through our sport and / or passion. We are blessed… Thank God 🙏.


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