Weekend, April 24 – 25, 2021

During the past week, the weather has been very active, with a lot of wind and rain. The rainy season is approaching, so everything is going according to forecast 🙂… During the previous week, some pilots, such as Danis Rodríguez in Anasco, Ted Sowinski and Luis Ruiz, along with little Noah Enrique in Isabela, and then Luis in Aguada, made some flights, but they were limited …


This time we had to travel to the East zone. To the beautiful town of Humacao and the Punta Santiago area. Some local pilots, like the brothers Samuel and Adam Travis, were not in the area to be fulfilling commitments abroad. Those who did arrive were, the Instructor Luis Ruiz, the pilots Alex Disla and Ted Sowinski, the student / pilot Danny Cintron, with his brothers Joseph and William, and the friend, and former pilot of the school, Eddie Ortiz, accompanied by his nephew Chris.

We had to move from the area of ​​the Punta Santiago Beach that we frequented recently since there were turtles nesting in the area and we did not want to be near those areas. So we moved to the traditional area… on the left side of the Fisherman’s Wharf, in front of the Monkey Island.

It was nice to have a visit from old friend Eddie Ortiz, who for several years was flying and was part of Team Kamikazes. Some health problems did not allow him to continue flying. But he has always been a lover of sports aviation and there he came with his nephew to have a good time with us… It was very nice, to see it, and to see it well. Congratulations 💪!!!

Again, just like last week, the conditions for flying were strong. This left pilots Ted, Alex and Danny on the ground. The only one to go flying was Luis in his fast Apco F1 paraglider.

The pilots took the opportunity to practice the inflation of the glider in strong wind conditions, and this was of great benefit in the skills to Danny, Alex and Ted. Luis for his part, suspended a Demo flight that he had pending with the young Jackie García, but in turn, and using a small paraglider, (BGD Luna 2 23 meters) he took Chris, Eddie’s nephew, for a short Demo fly. It didn’t last long, but for Chris it was an unforgettable experience 💪!!!

The Short Fly of Chris…

Later, We decided to pick ourselves up early, to try to fly tomorrow in the Isabela area….


We arrive to Villa Pesquera ISABELA. Saying present were … Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neisha and daughter Katelyn, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Ted Sowinski, Gregoire Bobo, Danis Rodríguez, Sammy Badillo, Guelo Colon, and many friends who accompany us almost every Sunday in the area, like our friend Wilson Suzana and family, among others …

Again, great sharing, but no flights. Except for Danis Rodríguez and Luis Ruiz, who ventured into winds over 20 mph + (gusts measured at 25 mph). It went very well and we are already balancing the stories and adventures of the next few days !!! Was great to receive the visit of former “Kamikaze” Pilot Guelo Colon, who is considering to gets back to the Sport.

For next weekend… A wedding is coming… STAY TUNED… 😉….

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