Thursday, June 10, 2021

Wind forecasts for this day indicated low intensity winds. But sadly, the wind was strong again πŸ˜‘, with gusts topping 20 mph+ at times. This upset our flight plans a bit, but in the end we managed to make the flights that we had pending.

The pilots present from the Team Kamikazes family were Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, Danis RodrΓ­guez and his family and the school’s student, Edgardo Rivera.

And as part of the day’s adventure we had present, Christopher GonzΓ‘lez with his parents Gene and Shacky. Christopher had his birthday today, and what a way to celebrate it, Flying πŸ’ͺ. Also came from Arecibo, Glerysmar and Stephanie, and from San Juan Joan Bonet.

The detail is that the weather was very active, first with big clouds, and when they left, the strong wind came. It was mostly Instructor Luis Ruiz’s turn to carry out the Demo flights, and thank God, everyone had a positive and unforgettable experience back to their homes πŸ™.

πŸ‘‰Video from Joan Bonet from AirπŸ‘ˆ

In the meantime, Edgardo was practicing hard controlling the paraglider. We see him ready to try his first “solo” flight. Stay Tuned… He was also assisting Luis with the flights, and also the pilots, Danis and Ian, went out to fly around in those conditions.

The wind never gets down, in fact was rising the intensity by the minute, So, we were picked up and finished the activities of flying around 2 PM. Tomorrow we return for more stories and adventures. Always counting on the favor of God πŸ™.


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