Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Last weekend we had to cancel flight activities due to weather conditions. The bad weather has continued these days, but today we bet to have an opportunity to fly in the afternoon in Villa Pesquera de Isabela.

In the morning the pilots and brothers Samuel and Adam Travis arrived to the area. Both were flying until 10 AM, and after that they began to experience very turbulent conditions and decided to end their activities.

Luis Ruiz was with his son Ian Darrell in the afternoon. Abel Paulsen and his wife Fernanda, who reside in Utah, USA, and were visiting the island were present. Abel is interested in taking the training and we begin today with the Demo flights 👍.

In the afternoon as we arrived, we had a lot of rain. And not only for Isabela, but rather for the entire island. Apparently the flights could not be made 😑. So we waited patiently in the area, betting that it would improve in some minutes or hour. In the meantime, Abel and Fernanda went for a walk around the area.

At about 3:15 PM the weather improved and it was possible to fly 💪, Ian went flying quickly with Abel, and after landing, Luis went out with Fernanda. They both enjoyed a great flight and nice weather. By the time Luis landed with Fernanda, a large cloud was fast approaching, in fact they saw the cloud from the air and decided to turn to land immediately …

Abel Paulsen Trip!!!

A very soft landing, but indeed, the cloud arrived, the sky closed again and the wind returned to over 20 mph in intensity 😲. We already picked up and were very happy to take advantage of the small opportunity we had to fly.

As always, thank to God for all this opportunities. 🙏


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