Saturday, August 28, 2021

This Saturday was a special one. The wind conditions were still windy in the northern area, so, we decided to go for the morning flight in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. Had been months since our last visit to the area.

Boquerón, it is always challenging for the Paramotor pilots who venture to fly there. Takeoff in zero wind conditions is the first hurdle to overcome. After that, the race space is limited. And if you can overcome that, at the time of landing, arid and solid terrain awaits you, very different from landing on the soft sand, which forgives any butt landing. Also, remember that there is no wind and everything happens very fast.

Luis Ruiz coordinated with some members of Team Kamikazes, and saying present were the brothers Samuel and Adam Travis, Edgardo Rivera, accompanied by his wife Wilnelia and Deron Freeman accompanied by his wife Carla.

The estimated time for meeting there was 6:15 AM, with the possibility of takeoff at 6:30 AM. But Samuel Travis had another thought and traveling from Humacao, (a trip of about 2 and a half hours), he was already flying at around 5:45 AM !!! And not only that, but it covered the entire Valley and even flew twice over the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse 😲💪💪. Check some of his spectacular photos below in the story.

Luis Ruiz, who usually arrives early. He ran into unexpected problems at 5 AM in his F250 vehicle, and was unable to use it. In the end and moving fast, he moved a Paramotor and what was necessary to fly in one of his cars. He arrived at Boquerón at about 6:15 AM. There, Deron Freeman was waiting for him. He used the Paramotor that Luis had, and made 2 flights throughout the area accompanying Adam and Samuel around. Both times taking off in zero wind conditions.

Luis then stayed with Edgardo, who was practicing his takeoff attempts in zero wind for when we return the next time. Regarding this, it was impressive to see Adam take off in zero wind with a paraglider Flow Yoti II of just 15 meters! (Watch the video).

The weather remained good until after 9:30 AM. But the sun and the heat told us that it was time to leave.


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