Saturday, September 18, 2021 – “Unique” Beach, Dorado

Good weather and very active Saturday for our community of Team Kamikazes pilots. This time, we decided to change course a bit and went to the “El Único” Beach located in the town of Dorado. We hadn’t visited that area for some time, and to our surprise it was all spacious and well cared for.

The first thing we found upon arrival was the brigades of the municipality, along with some young students from Dorado were dedicated to cleaning the beaches from trash. In fact, even the honorable mayor of Dorado, Carlos López made an appearance at the site. We take the opportunity to interview them. Those jobs that sometimes are not seen, but are highly deserving. Admirable guys! (See photos and videos).

Before starting to tell the stories, we are going to list all the pilots and family of Team Kamikazes present in the place …

Eric Román and his girlfriend Yomari
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Omar Colon and his girlfriend Roche
Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell and his girlfriend Paola
Rafa Guerrero and his girlfriend Damaris
Brothers Samuel and Adam Travis
Melissa Earl
Darwin Hernandez
Sammy Badillo
Roberto Nieves
Carlos Robles
Ariel Rodriguez

Each and every one of those present had their own story to tell… So this time, we are going to tell the story of each pilot independently…

Eric Román – After months of being inactive due to personal situations, Eric was present and was practicing with his new Ozone Speedster 3 paraglider and ParaJet Maverick Moster Paramotor. He dedicated himself mostly to practicing inflation of the paraglider. At one point in the afternoon he tried to take off, but It did not turn out as expected since some details still need to be corrected. We will be working with that in the next activities. It was a good day of learning and training for him.

Edgardo Rivera – He has come a long way in his just 3 months in the sport. His takeoffs in constant winds are already very good, and he only needs to perfect his take off when there is no wind. And this was precisely what happened today. At the beginning of the morning trying to leave in zero wind conditions, he broke a propeller in his attempt 😲… Then, he look in his vehicle for a replacement propeller and he realized that the replacement had stayed in his house in Aguas Buenas … What did he do? Neither short nor lazy, he went driving as quick as he could to look for the propeller at his house, and about two hours later, he was flying with us. In fact, multiple times along the entire coast of Dorado and its hotel area ☺️. As the story tell, the most important factor of a good pilot is his ATTITUDE, and Edgardo has plenty of it!!!.

Front Launch Slip?
Edgardo, here with a good breeze for Take Off.

Omar Colon – Already an ambassador of sport. Omar always shows his great skills on his flights. This time accompanied by Roberto Nieves, both went flying in “cross”, and passed the border of Dorado and even Vega Alta, to fly all the way to Vega Baja back and forth.

Omar taking Off…

Luis Ruiz – Pending that everything flowed well with the pilots / students of the school. He also made a Demo Flight to another possible girl student of the school. Marisol González, from Carolina. She expressed after his flight, his intentions to take his Training!!!. We’ll see, Stay tuned….

Luis flying with possible student, Marisol !!!

Ian Darrell – Already an ambassador for sport. Ian always shows his great skills on his flights. This time in the morning hours before leaving to fulfill responsibilities with his studies at University.

Ian Darrell Front Launch at Cero wind Conditions.

Rafa Guerrero – He received his new Apco F3 paraglider from Luis Ruiz. This glider had been waiting for him on the island for months. And it is that Rafa had already been out of the sport for about 6 months due to his multiple commitments. First he went flying in his always reliable Ozone Roadster paraglider, and after that he took the F3 with him. The last generation of Apco paragliders. He was very comfortable with his experience. See his impressions in the video that will accompany this story …

Brothers Samuel and Adam Travis – The two brothers are always flying at the limit of their abilities. A week ago, they flew back and forth from Ceiba to Vieques (thereby establishing a national record). On this occasion, Adam flew from Dorado to Parque del Norte Hatillo, where Samuel would pick him up, and from Hatillo to Dorado, Samuel made the return flight. When he arrived he barely had fuel left over since his flight was against the wind, so he was flying much slower. They are both using a sporty and well efficient Flow RPM glider. Congratulation for another great story!!!.

👉Samuel flying from Hatillo to Dorado!!!!👈

Melissa Earl – Already transforming from student to Paramotor pilot… Melissa made her third flight in her young career in the morning and the first outside of Isabela. Using an ultra-light 36-pound SkyMax EOS 100 Paramotor and an efficient 24-meter Flow Cosmos Power paraglider. Melissa was flying along the Dorado shoreline for about an hour. We hope that with their actions, more girls will be encouraged to practice sport 💪.

Melissa, 3rd Paramotor Fly. Each Time better!!!

Darwin Hernández – There is a dialogue between the family of Team Kamikazes pilots, about who is more “fiebru” between Darwin and Edgardo. And it is that Darwin, (like Edgardo), they fly by every moment they have available. To put this in context, imagine that Darwin just arrived at dawn from a flight from Texas. He lives in Isabela, and was the first to be at the Dorado activity at 8 AM 😲. Needless to say, he was flying at all times, right next to Edgardo. That included an aerial tour of the Dorado hotel section.

A trip over the Dorado Tourist Zone by Darwin Hernandez.

Sammy Badillo – Already step by step becoming an ambassador of sport. Had some trouble getting out in low wind conditions in the morning. But it happens to everyone at some point. Sammy was another of the pilots who was flying practically the whole day, along with Roberto, Darwin, Omar and Edgardo.

Roberto Nieves – Another of the pilots who is on his way to be an ambassador of the sport. Since he arrived in the morning, Roberto’s actions indicated that he had come to fly … and the first thing he did early was to fill his gas tank completely😏 … And taking advantage of the excellent conditions, he was flying all day and that included two visits on “cross” flights all the way to the town of Vega Baja. One of them accompanied by Omar Colon. He used 2 full tanks of gasoline during the flight day.

The view of Roberto while heading to Vega Baja!!!

Carlos Robles – Carlos, was doing professional work for 6 long months outside of Puerto Rico until a few weeks ago. And today he was finally back on the island in his paragliding practices. He was also providing help in the field to everyone who needed it. Thank you for your attentions and to encourage the training. Hope to see you more frequently ☺️!!!.

Ariel Rodríguez – He usually arrives accompanied to activities with his grandson Derick Castro. This time it was not possible. But Ariel came to share with the family of Team Kamikazes and to provide help to everyone who needed it. As always Ariel, thanks for your attention and hope you can fly with us again soon ☺️ !!!

Part of the activities by Roberto Nieves.

We left there at sunset. All happy with the experiences. And that’s what it’s all about. We are blessed to be able to enjoy these very special moments in our lives. Tomorrow it’s time to return to Isabela, where another story awaits us with God’s favor. 🙏 BLESSINGS!!!


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