Thursday, September 16, 2021 – Starting Training Ramon Aviles.

Training day for the students of the school of Team Kamikazes. This time we went to the heavenly Villa Pesquera Isabela. The Team Kamikazes pilots, Alberto Sabah, Edgardo Rivera and Instructor Luis Ruiz were present there.

Today was the beginning of training of new student, Ramón Avilés, who resides in the town of Aguadilla. He arrived accompanied by his friend Xavier, who was also looking at the whole learning process.

The weather conditions were very good. So we took advantage of the whole morning to start Ramón’s training sessions, that include cover a lot of the theory of the different stages of the Sport. Also, Luis took the opportunity of good weather to give him a Demo Flight so that he could also Live his Experience. Luis was assisted by Edgardo and Alberto, who also took the opportunity to fly together around the area.

Iris Feliciano, a native of Isabela and Evelyn, a native of San Juan, also arrived in the morning to Live their Experience in the Paramotor. They both flew with Luis, and as expected, they were delighted with his experiences. Even, Iris was encouraged to practice with the paragliding on ground when she saw Ramón in his practices. New student? We’ll see 💪…

Around noon, storm clouds were closing in rapidly, indicating that the day of flights and training was over. Ramón, although exhausted with the exercise, left very happy with his first practice. We will keep posting his your progress. Stay Tuned…

We always thank God for one more day 🙏!!! We are blessed!!! Thanks.


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