Saturday, October 16, 2021 – The Six (6) Towns Adventure…

Cabo Rojo, Lajas, Añasco, Mayaguez, Aguada and Rincón… A very Special and Adventurous Day, but this is just part of the story 😜. Let’s go in detail….

Boquerón, Cabo Rojo.

The story began around 5:30 AM on the grounds of Freddy Rental in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. The first to arrive was Omar Colon, who had left work in San Juan at about 1 AM and from there went to Boquerón. He arrived by 3 AM, and gets some sleeps in his car waiting for the other pilots for the adventure. Lajas Valley had fog waiting for us, is just a matter of Launch to go there. In a few minutes, Luis Ruiz and Edgardo Rivera also arrived, in the case of Edgardo he traveled all the way from Aguas Buenas. Attitude in the Sport make a Big difference!

Attitude is Everything!!!!

Luis Ruiz, had a Demo Flight pending in the morning to Kathy Spaids. She arrived accompanied by his spouse Héctor, and this would be her anniversary gift !!! She had flown with Luis a month ago in Isabela, and the idea of ​​flying the mist from Lajas, where they reside, was very striking. For this morning and due to the existing conditions in Boquerón, Luis had prepared a Paramotor Trike to carry out the flight. This would make takeoff and landing on wheels rather than having to run under those conditions to take off.

The situation was complicated since when checking the terrain it was very wet and with obstacles on all sides (Freddy, the owner, promised to prepare better the place for a next visit …). The odds of having to abort takeoffs was big. Luis himself, beside all his experience, was very concerned about how to get out, since the best take-off area ran perpendicular to the direction of the wind. So, everything looked complicated…🤨

After the pertinent adjustments and a first failed attempt by Omar, it was Luis and Kathy turn. The Paramotor Trike was ready and Héctor was assisting Luis with the final details. After some tense seconds, Luis made his attempt to take off. In fractions of a second, he managed to control the glider and make it fly through the mounds of rubble in the area. And went flying at once !!!💪. Later, Omar and Edgardo tried to take off several times, but it was very difficult with the existing rubble and moist of the terrain.

In the meantime, Luis and Kathy headed to the Lajas Valley and luckily this time the magical and sometimes elusive fog was waiting for us. The view and images were simply spectacular and Kathy had the fly that she dreamed of 💪. After the return fly to Boqueron, we do an extra bonus… a fly over the town of Boquerón that always looks amazing too. Beside, Omar and Edgardo, although they were close to take off, did not succeed in their attempts. But the day was just beginning, more chances coming soon…

Time to Launch between Obstacles and Cross Wind…
Heading to the Mist in Lajas.
I can Fly!!!!
Video of Drone by Hector, Luis and Kathy heading to Boqueron Beach.
Boqueron View!!!
The Landing Moment back at Freddy’s Rental, Boqueron.

Arturo’s Track in Lajas.

During his flight, Luis had had the opportunity to fly over Arturo’s hangar in Lajas, and there were two pilot friends of Quick Silver, Arnaldo and William. Luis decided to visit them and give Omar and Edgardo the opportunity to see if they could take off with much better space, but still even without wind 🙂. It was a pleasant visit and sharing with Arnaldo and William, and finally it was Omar and Edgardo‘s turn to fly out and both managed to take off this time in zero wind conditions 💪. They both climbed to over 1,000 feet of heights at one point and ventured to fly up to the Parguera Mountains before turbulence forced them to turn. Even Omar flew with a Cup of Coffee and drink it while flying 😲. After an hour of fly, they had to land, and then, they discovered what it is like to land in zero wind conditions. Looked from ground that they were enjoying multiple flights at 1 ft high over the runway over and over again, showing great skills… But in reality they were flying in all directions looking for the slowest way to land 😃. Neither managed to stand on their landing, but the grass was soft and they were both very happy with their experiences. We said goodbye to Arnaldo and William with the idea of ​​visiting them more often.

Video by Omar while flying with Edgardo.

Fisherman’s Village, Añasco.

We visited Combate Beach in Cabo Rojo to try to fly that area, but we couldn’t find an acceptable area to take off. So, We decided to bet on Mayaguez or Anasco, taking advantage of the W winds that arose, and finally looking for a good spot, we arrived at the Fisherman’s Village in Anasco, a place that Omar and Edgardo had never flown. The conditions were perfect for flying and the 3 of us flew all the way up the coast until reached Mayaguez. We flew there for about an hour, although Omar and Edgardo want to keep flying. But Luis had other fly plans to finish the day. By the time they were leaving the area, a family arrived from San Juan asking about the Sport. It result that one of them, her name Clera, was celebrating her birthday and was looking to fly. With excellent weather and for her birthday we decide to dismount again some equipment and make the fly. Clera, was very happy with her unplanned experience. And that’s what it’s all about! Give smiles to the people when we could 🙏.

Flying the “solitary” Beach from Mayaguez to Anasco.

Pico de Piedra, Aguada.

After finally leave Anasco, we made a short tour in Rincón. the winds keep coming from West but in Rincon we had few places for a easy launch, so we keep moving in Aguada direction. In the meantime, we stopped to eat at a friend’s restaurant in front of the beach. Finally, there we decided to end our flight session for the day at the Pico de Piedra Beach in Aguada, just 5 minutes from the Restaurant. It was 4:30 PM and the wind continued to come in from the W, but now with less intensity. That wind from the W in Aguada translated into having to go out on takeoff running towards the Ocean 😐. After everything that Omar and Edgardo experienced in the morning in Boquerón and Lajas, this time it was not a major challenge for both of them to fly out from Pico de Piedra. Once the three were in the air, the obligatory visit was the Rincón nuclear plant, again, places that Edgardo and Omar had not flown. Besides that the whole area from Aguada to Rincón is very beautiful with buildings, apartments and swimming pools in front of the beach. To finish the activities, and returning to land, Edgardo had a small problem with the carburetor of his Paramotor and had to land a mile away from Pico de Piedra. We assisted him, along with new friends from the area.

It was a very special day, we flew all the towns in the western area from Lajas to Aguada. The flights went without much planning in excellent condition and the adventures were awesome. Omar and Edgardo already want to repeat the task as soon as possible. It only remains to thank God for allowing us these adventures and that everything turned out as planned or better. Blessings 🙏!!!

Omar and the Rincon Harbor Light.


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