Sunday, February 20, 2022 – Windy Day at Isabela and a Sex Gender Reveal story…

We meet, as usual on Sundays, in Villa Pesquera Isabela. We were supposed to have moderate winds for all day flying enjoyment. But…, again the conditions were strong and we had to work with that. We estimate that most of the day the winds were above 20 mph+…

Kamikaze pilots in the Activity…

Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Iván Torres, his wife Pamela and son Caleb
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and sons Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Keith Gould and his girlfriend Kathie
Ben Doyle and his wife Andrea
David Garber and his wife Amara
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Cerbulo Conception
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah
Jomar Crespo

Living the Experience in the Paramotor…

Edgardo and Yadira of Añasco
William Lopez from Maricao
Juan and Stephanie from Yauco and Ponce
Doel, his wife and daughter Doelis (on her birthday) from Bayamon
Angelis of Santa Isabel

David Garber, Luis Ruiz and Ian Darrell started the morning doing the Demo Flights. they were busy showing the Sport to new friends that comes from all island to enjoy the experiences 💪.

New Towing System for Free Fly Experience…

David Garber took advantage of the intensity of the winds (15 to 20 mph) to play with his new Towing system. With it, he could carry out flights without the need for the engine. During the day, David, Iván Torres, Ian Darrell, Pablo Cruz and Luis Ruiz were, at some point, flying using this method (without motor).

At one moment in the afternoon, David and later Ian just strapped on the Towing system and left the system attached to a rock. With just adjusting their braking position in the paraglider, they found that they could control the rate of ascension and altitude of the fly. When they got tired of flying, simply release the rope and glided towards the center of the flying area 😉.

David went even further, again he climbed with a Free Flight paraglider. After he took some good altitude, he approached the Cliff, and there he managed to stay flying for more than half an hour before deciding to go down. Definitely new possibilities open up in the flight area 💪!!!.

Sex Gender Reveal…

At mid day, Luis Ruiz had pending a flight with the purpose of Sex Gender Reveal of a Baby. The person who coordinated this with Luis is called Tita. And she arrived with an unexpected big crowd of people. Surely more than Fifty (50)+ were present for the occasion. None of them had any idea of ​​the sex of the baby. They were waiting to witness the moment when us, flying in a Paramotor, release the color smoke out of the cans. If it came out Blue it is a Boy and if it was Pink it is a Girl.

We decided for this occasion to have Ian Darrell taking the pilot Edgardo Rivera as a passenger.He will be in charge of opening the cans with the chemical and holding them while Ian concentrated on flying.

Edgardo and Ian in charge of the Gender Sex Reveal Fly!!!

After some tense minutes of the Crowd, and the Paramotor flying low in the area. The moment arrived… Everyone present was very excited to see the pink smoke come out. It is a Lady!!! There was a lot of excitement in the area and we felt part of the family celebration. Thanks to Tita and her friends for trusting us to carry out this mission. Blessings to the baby girl on her journey to the world 🙏!!!

Pilots Stories…

We had the presence of the student Cerbulo Concepción, who lives in Florida, USA. Every time he visits the island, he visit us in order to continue his training.

We must mention that student Keith Gould is ready to attempt his first solo flight. We are just waiting for better weather conditions in the coming days. Edgardo, for his part, had the opportunity to fly a Flow Yoti II paraglider of just 15 meters. We had some concern about handle it because it is so small and agile, but Edgardo flew it with great mastery. Showing how much he has progressed in the sport. Congratulations 💪!!!

👉Edgardo Rivera showing skills in High Winds!!!!👈

We left Isabela at sunset. Exhausted, but at the same time happy and blessed to put our grain of sand through our sport and passion to all the people who come to us in search of the adventure and freedom that sport provides. Thank always God for everything 🙏.


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