Saturday and Sunday, May 28 – 29, 2022 – Isabela and Birthday Party of Noah Enrique and Hermes…

After a past week of “rest” where the winds were over 20 mph we returned to Villa Pesquera Isabela on Saturday morning. We had a limited flying session there, but we managed to do something…, we had the visit of International Pilot Ken Arciola. Although he could not fly, he had a great time with the rest of the pilots, kiting the Trainer Paraglider BGD Seed. The only pilots that managed to fly were Luis Ruiz and Ben Doyle in their fast paragliders.

Already for Sunday, gets windy again, and we had to cancel the activities of the Team. This time part of the group of pilots and friends gathered at the home of Instructor Luis Ruiz and his wife Jessica in Aguada. And it was used to celebrate the 7th birthday of little Noah Enrique.

There was the now traditional BBQ, along with games and inflatables for the Kids. And what Hermes Ferrer did not expect was that his birthday would also be celebrated in the activity together with Noah’s. When you can’t fly, we look for other ways to have a good time as a family. And this time we had a great time. Thanks to all the people who took a little of their time to share with us.

Starting the Party, Noah and Betuel…
Karaoke Time!!!
Hermes and the Pinata. A difficult Round of Boxing!!!
The turn of Noah, and Ricardo need to Hide!!!


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