Sunday, August 21, 2022 – Some Demo Flights and Isabela, and Edgardo ready to Work…

Back to Isabela for our traditional Sunday activity. This time Edgardo Rivera will be assisting Luis Ruiz in carrying out the Demo Flights. But more on that later…

Pilots and Kamikazes Family present…

Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Mario Muñiz and his wife Ivonne
Ricardo Gonzalez and his wife Ermelinda
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Luis Ruiz
Jose “Cheo” Roman
Abner Ramos
Alberto Sabah

Living the Flight Experience…

Larry La Torre and Julia from Villalba
Karielys Rodriguez from Barranquitas
Angel and Joannis from Dorado
Adolfo, Joshua and their respective partners from Isabela
Aby Pedraza and Luis from San Lorenzo

As we mentioned before, today we are mainly dedicated to making Demo flights to people who came from different parts of the island to live their experiences. Edgardo had his hands full assisting Luis Ruiz, and ended with the completion of 4 of the scheduled Demo flights. Sometimes everything went very well and sometimes not… but it is part of learning and all the people were very happy with their experiences.

The comments from Larry La Torre after Living the Experience with Us… God Bless!!!

Buenas noches Luis. De lo más profundo de mi corazón quiero expresarte mi agradecimiento por la tremendísima experiencia de ayer. Fue sencillamente espectacular. Toda la dinámica, la manera que fuimos tratados por tí y por todo tu equipo, hicieron que el evento nos diera otra perspectiva de la vida inimaginable hasta ayer. Fue muy intenso y no nos queda duda alguna que vamos a volver a volar. Te envío los dos videos que tomé. Gracias e infinitas bendiciones para todos ustedes!!!!! ✌❤🇵🇷👍😁

We had this 2 videos recorded by Larry, the first with Julia Take Off with Luis, and the second, while he was flying with Edgardo Rivera…

Julia’s Take Off with Luis.
Larry experience while flying with Edgardo.

Also we had this funny but perseverance fly from Edgardo and Aby, narrated by his husband Luis Martinez.

>>The Experience of Aby Pedraza flying with Edgardo…<<

As for the Team pilots, Cheo, Mario, Ricardo, Alberto and Pablo were there flying around. We had good weather all morning that got complicated in the afternoon.

We are all very happy and as always we thank God for these opportunities and adventures that he allows us to experience. Blessings!!!!


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