Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – The First Fly Ever of Student Abner Ramos & Much More!!!

This was a very special Tuesday. First of all, after some weeks of hard training we had finally coordinated the first “solo” flight of the student Abner Ramos. But in addition to this, we had some Demo flights pending, and most importantly, we had excellent weather, and let’s do it…

Pilots and Kamikazes Family present…

Ben Doyle and his wife Andrea
Edgar Rivera
Jose “Cheo” Roman
Abner Ramos
Alberto Sabah
Samuel Travis
Noel Vale
Eliseo Nogueras and his family (from Rhode Island)
Kyle Hall

Living the Paramotor Flight Experience…

Mary López and her family, Emmanuel, Nathan, Charitza
Friends of the pilot Kyle Hall, Abigail, Jackson and Katherine Hall Father.

The activities..

The first to arrive and gets ready to fly was Edgardo. He was ready before 8 AM and ready to fly. Later in the morning, the rest of the Kamikaze pilots arrived to take advantage of a very good morning of flights. As the pilots arrived, Abner would attempt his first “solo” flight. For that he had also arrived early to polish his skills before the attempt.

But not only, Abner’s flight was pending to be done in the day. Also, Two friends and international pilots came to visit and fly with us. Kyle Hall, a native of Utah, arrived with his family, some of them came to live their flight experiences. Eliseo Nogueras and his family also arrived from Rhode Island. Eliseo even came with the idea of ​​being able to make a Tandem flight for his fathers in-law. But this would be in the next few days. Samuel Travis, an international pilot based on the island, also arrived.

In fact, Samuel had the opportunity to use Luis Ruiz’s new Paramotor, the SkyMax Pulsar. This paramotor using a powerful Vittorazi Moster motor, weighs about 42 pounds?. Samuel was very impressed by its light weight and agility in turns, compared to his Paramotor Scout.

At one point, the pilots Luis Ruiz, Edgardo, Cheo, Samuel, Kyle, Ben, Eliseo (using a Chase Cam) and Abner were in the air flying at the same time.

Eliseo with the help of Abner. A special Video!!!

Abner Ramos’ first “Solo” flight…

After rigorous instructions and checking the equipment and communication system, we gave Abner the green light to attempt his flight. For this we use a SkyMax EOS100 Paramotor and a 26 meter BGD Luna2 paraglider. After a couple of tries and adjustments, Abner went flying for the first time.

Abner, first reactions, while Flying!!!

He was accompanied in the air by pilots Cheo Román and Edgardo Rivera who were record his first fly ever!. He was flying for about 45 minutes, and his landing was excellent. His joy was immense to see his dreams of flying come true! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Video by Cheo Roman while record the first fly of Abner, Edgardo appear too…

Demo flights…

Luis Ruiz was assisted on the flights by Ben Doyle and Edgardo Rivera and on the ground by Cheo Román and Alberto Sabah. Each and every one of those who came to live their experiences, left very happy with their lived experiences. Thanks God!!! 🙏


Un martes con Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico en Isabela. La gente que nos visita la pasa de show.. Y tu que esperas??? #volarpr #teamkamikazes #foryou

♬ The Nights – Avicii

Around noon, the weather began to change and rain clouds arrived in our area and with that we ended the activity.

Luis bringing back the equipment after a motor out. Video by Eliseo.

It was a very special and unforgettable Tuesday for Abner and our friends who lived the adventure of the flight.

Blessings!!! 🙏


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