Thursday, August 24, 2023 – We visited La Guancha in PONCE with excellent Conditions!!!

With the movement of now Hurricane Franklin to the Atlantic Ocean at the North of the island, we had the entry of southerly winds on the island. This made “La Guancha” in Ponce, at the south, the best place to fly and share in these conditions.

We had time pending to visit and fly this area, and today was simply the best moment to do it…

The adventure…

We were impress by how well cared the La Guancha area was, very different from previous visits we had made in the past. We felt comfortable in the place, with better physical structures and this time we did not have to fight against the annoying mosquitoes that affected us in the past.

Starting the Activity…

Light and steady winds of 5 mph from the South were the norm all day. Presents were the pilots Edgardo Rivera, Darwin Hernández, Luis Ruiz and the student of the school Luis Antonio Cruz. Also, the friend and retired pilot Sao Cruz also arrived to say Hi.

Edgardo, Darwin and Luis made several flights during the afternoon hours.

Edgardo Taking Off in Light Winds…
Low Pass and Darwin getting Ready.

In the case of Luis and Darwin, they flew together over Isla Cardona, and even Darwin managed to land there.


Visite la Isla Cardona, y de regreso a La Guancha en Ponce tome altura por precaución y asi era mi vista… #volarpr #avatarinpuertorico #teamkamikazes #foryou

♬ sonido original – .La RO TIKTOKER
Darwin managed to Land at Isla Cardona.

Then, after a short break, they took a “Cross” flight all the way to the town of Santa Isabel where the windmills are located. That round trip lasted more than an hour…

Video by Darwin, while flying together with Luis Ruiz heading to Santa Isabel.

Later, when Luis start to pick up the equipment, Edgardo and Darwin flew together to other zones of Ponce like the Highway and the Caribe Ponce Mall.

Meanwhile, Luis Antonio kite the paraglider and gave the final details to his possible first “solo” flight, which should happen soon. Also, Sao, despite being in recovery from physical ailments, managed to practice kiting a bit.

Luis Antonio and Sao kiting the Paragliders.

We finished at sunset, and very happy with the great adventures of the day. Thank God !!!


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