Wednesday, August 23, 2023 – A visit to Parque del Norte Hatillo.

A proximity of the “still” Storm Franklin at the west of the island allowed us to have ideal flight conditions. Luis Ruiz took this opportunity to visit Parque del Norte in Hatillo, where the winds were coming in gently from the NNW at about 5 mph.

Arriving to Parque del Norte. Everything looks Good.

Mr. Daniel Torres, a native of Adjuntas, had coordinated during a previous week a flight with Luis for his 14-year-old son Yandy, and this had been canceled in previous days due to bad weather. The detail is that Yandy would return to the Philadelphia, USA where he resides tomorrow… A call from Luis to Daniel advising the opportunity of flights for the day, made Daniel stop what he was doing and manage to reach Hatillo an hour later.

And so, Luis was able to make the fly of Yandy, who already in the week had lost hope of making the flight. The interview we did with him says it all… and this is what it’s all about… God Bless!!!

Yandi’s Reaction after his Fly !!!

Meanwhile, at Edgardo Rivera’s house in the town of Aguas Buenas, Darwin and Edgardo tuned up their paramotors. An adventure in Ponce awaits for us tomorrow…

Darwin warming up Edgardo’s engines…


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