Tuesday and Wednesday, June 04/05, 2024 – Training Sessions at Isabela and Ponce!!!

Two last days of training for student Víctor Zamparelli in Puerto Rico. He will return in July to continue his progression as a Paramotor pilot.

Tuesday June 4, 2024 – Villa Pesquera, Isabela.

Instructor Luis Ruiz was with Víctor Zamparelli from early hours in Isabela. This time we got winds coming in from the South, erratic and with turbulence. There wasn’t much that could be done in the day, but we managed to do several good quality paragliding practices.

Victor Zamparelli practicing a “Front Launch” Take Off with the Paraglider.
More practices…, getting better!!!
Victor Zamparelli showing progress in the “Reverse Launch” method !!!

Unfortunately, one of these gusts caused the paraglider to fall on some sharp rocks, causing damage to the paraglider, which will have to be sent for repair. Fortunately, it can be fixed. This is part of the process and learning.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 – La Guancha, Ponce…

With prevailing winds from the South, we decided to change the environment and went to La Guancha in Ponce. Present, in addition to Víctor and Luis, were the local pilots Wilkins Torres and Luis Antonio Cruz.

With pleasant weather for flying and practicing, Victor made the most of his time to practice, and we coordinated his return to Puerto Rico next month to continue training.

Part of Victor Zamparelli Training at Ponce…

For his part, Wilkins took the opportunity to make two more flights along the south coast, with elegant takeoffs and landings. His progress has been remarkable.

Wilkins Torres Take Off with elegance!!!
The second Take Off…
Wilkins Observations after his 2nd Fly…

Luis Antonio also took a flight with his new paraglider to which he has not yet gotten used to. But in the same way, after stabilizing it, everything went well in its flight. Luis Ruiz evaluated with Luis Antonio, the flight and the necessary corrections for the future.

Video of Luis Antonio when he was flying over La Guancha in Ponce…


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