Light Clinch Bag


Light Clinch Bag, from Ozone and Apco, the ideal choice for

cover your paraglider from the Sun and the Ultraviolet Rays.

Also, the most easy and fast way to fold it.

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Apco – Durable, Comfortable, Made from Light Ripstop material. Large carry bag for quick packing of all your equipment. Holds unfolded gliders, Helmet, etc…, easily and quick.

Weight 500 grams

Ozone – “Sombrero” – Protect your wing during the inevitable parawaiting season that we all endurance from time to time. The Ozone Sombrero is UV – Reflective, water resistant and light weight cover, perfect for competitions or just a weekend on a hill.

When buy it, please specify what is the model of predilection. Apco or Ozone.


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