Monday, December 31, 2018

Windy conditions continue for the whole island. So our intensive course plans for Patrick Wendt have been getting up early all these days. This time we went flying with our friends and Kamikazes pilots from the South area, Damian and Joselito Sánchez. We arrived at the lands of PR116 at about 6:30 AM. Presents were, apart from the Sánchez brothers, Patrick and Luis Ruiz, and the pilots Chey Sánchez and Antonio Arias.

Today, after a lot of dialogue with Patrick about the take-off process, we were going to try him to fly for the first time. The weather conditions were as expected, little wind, clear and ideal to fly. Sure, if you could get launch in those conditions. Antonio and Joselito were the first to take off, followed eventually by Damian, who faced unusual problems in his takeoff. After a while it was Antonio’s turn to land because he had an adjustment problem with his accelerator. He did very well and then launched again without major problems. Chey, on other hand, confronted problems with his paramotor. He also,  was helping everyone in the area and decided not to try to fly.

As for Luis, he was directly with Patrick in his flight attempt. First, as indicated, this would be a practice. If Patrick manage well with the paramotor and accelerating, then the flight would be a “plus”. He made some attempts and practice, with different situations and corrections. Inclusive, he had the opportunity to go out in pairs of occasions that did not turn out well in the end. Then we decided to stop the attempts.

Patrick continued later giving hard practice to the inflation in way of improving the whole technique, He was helped by Chey and Antonio.

In the afternoon, after taking a break, we met again. This time we went to Rancho Grande Anasco where we expected to have winds coming from the West as on other occasions. But it could not be, the easterly winds are too strong and do not let the clouds form inside the island to form the system. There was a little practice with the glider and we decided to pick up waiting for better conditions.

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