Sunday, December 30, 2018

We continued with the intensive course of our student and friend, Patrick Wendt. This time we had to go very early to the grounds of Freddy Rental in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. The winds continue to be strong for the whole island and we are looking for the best opportunities to practice and fly as possible.

There arrived Luis Ruiz, Patrick and the pilot/student Abdiel Galarza, who accompanied us with intentions to rent a paramotor to fly in the morning. Upon arrival, as expected, the conditions were ideal for flying. Of course, if you manage to take off in zero wind.

Luis Ruiz had prepared his Trike with Simonini engine of 28 HP to try again the flight of Patrick. This fly was pending from yesterday because the track of Lajas was quite short for this Trike. Abdiel was assisting us in the details. After measuring the track well and with the little prevailing breeze, Luis achieved the difficult takeoff with Patrick. Once this was overcome, they took height and enjoyed a beautiful morning view in the area. Moreover, Luis left the controls to Patrick so that he would be practicing as part of the instruction. After some 20 minutes they landed and Patrick was very happy with the experience.

Now it was Abdiel’s turn to fly alone. Luis gave him all the rigorous instructions, together with the communication system and the equipment was ready. Abdiel did excellent, the paraglider went very well and he began to accelerate the paramotor. In the end Abdiel stop running and did not release an A band, causing the paraglider to lose its perfect form. He later indicated to Luis that he did not feel confident and preferred to go as passenger with Luis in the Trike. Luis made the fly and while this was happening, Patrick took advantage to practice with a paraglider on ground.

We left from there around 9:30 AM. Luis took the opportunity to take Patrick to see the beautiful area of ​​Playa Sucia and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Once there, the weather conditions were still good and Luis took advantage and took one of his paramotors and went for a short flight around.

At 10:30 AM the winds increased in intensity, and we decided to go back to Aguada. It was an intense morning, we decided to take the afternoon for rest and come back early tomorrow with the practices. All the island still with very strong winds conditions.

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