Thursday, April 18, 2019

Today was one of those special days. And it happen without much planning and with little hope of flight, due to the strong wind. Finally, there was an spectacular day. A group of pilots commanded by Carlos Candido Rodríguez, Roberto Machado and Juan Carlos Correa would meet at Playa Machos de Ceiba at about 3 PM. Those were the plans announce a previous day, and with intensity of winds at over 20 mph for the whole island 🙄…

From there, and taking advantage of the fact that it was a Holiday, Instructor Luis Ruiz left early his home in a family outing with Jessica and Noah Enrique with a paramotor and equipment prepared in his car in the direction of Lajas to deliver spare parts to the Sánchez family and a family outing. After that, the trip included the famous Thermal Baths of Coamo, a place never visited before for Luis. Then in social networks we announce that we would go to Ceiba in the afternoon.

The surprising result of all this, is that, while everywhere on the island it was windy. In Ceiba the winds oscillated between 8 and 15 mph of the ENE all day. And even more surprising is the number of pilots and friends who came to the activity.

Present were:

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Carlos Candido Rodríguez
Roberto Machado
Juan Carlos Correa
Michael Diaz and his father Papo
Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
Robert González and his wife (Robert arrived early in the morning from his work in Africa!)
Thaddeus Gala
Ismael de León
Luis “Tiza” López
Reynaldo Vega

Everyone at the end had a story to tell …

The first pilot to launched was Eduardo, and from there little by little they were activated, CC, Roberto, Michael, JC, Thaddeus and Robert (he returned to the island very early in the morning from and exhausted fly from Africa).

Also “Tiza”, who for his multiple commitments of work was unable to fly for the last 16 months! was there. He arrived with his paraglider to practice inflated, but with the help of CC, that lend him a paramotor and helmet, and in a minute we had “Tiza” ready to fly with the group.

The flight route suggested by JC was to arrive flying to the Hotel “El Conquistador” of Fajardo. Once in flight, there were 6 pilots looking to do it, Michael, JC, CC, Ismael, Tiza and Thaddeus.

Roberto Machado, in his first activity with the Team, after recovering from an ankle injury, preferred to stay practicing with the paraglider. This will give him more security in future flights, since it takes months of recovery. No doubt, soon we will have it in the air again.

Luis Ruiz on the other hand, began the practice of inflating the paraglider of Esther, Eduardo’s wife!💪 She has been considering the idea for a while, and today finally she began her practices. Congratulations!!! , also Luis helped Robert Gonzalez to launch. He did it very well, after practicing for a while with the paraglider.

After about 45 minutes, the pilots already flying arrived back from the “Cross” flight. All having a great time, and especially “Tiza”, who did not expect to fly today, and there he was, taking a flight with the rest of the Kamikaze pilots. Thaddeus, on the other hand, demonstrating great skill in the sport. Taking off and landing safely (twice). With this performance he has earned his second star level of his short career 💪, Congratulations !!!!.

CC, was flying his new Fly Products paramotor with Corsair Black Bull engine. A “V8” as he says, and with so much power, he translated it at speed, leaving behind most pilots in the “Cross”. JC was kind of angry about that, 😏.

At sunset, it was time to pick up. But all the presents were very happy for this day. Without much planning, it was a great one. And we give thanks for that.

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