Saturday, May 11, 2019

With the arrival of the weekend, we decided to meet at the already traditional Parque del Norte in Hatillo. Central place for all the pilots of the island and so that they could arrive without major complications. As expected, we had  Full House of pilots and friends of the Kamikazes family.


Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Eduardo Pabon and his wife Esther
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Ricky Cruz and his wife Naisa
Deron Freeman and his wife Carla
Omar Román
Antonio Arias
Chey Sánchez
Juan Carlos Correa
Radames Tirado
Pin Pin Castillo
Robert Rodríguez
Thaddeus Gala

The morning started excellent to fly. Winds from NE at 5 mph were the norm. The pilots Eduardo, Pablo, Antonio, Juan Carlos, Chey and Omar took this good window to leave for a “Cross” flight as it is already traditional with them. In the particular case of Eduardo and Juan Carlos, they continued flying upwind and farther. As planned, they arrive to the Colon Statue in Arecibo, but they also followed the whole route until arriving to Barceloneta💪💪.

👉Omar Roman Touch and Go in Heavy Winds👈

Luis Ruiz, on the other hand, attended the most novice pilots in the takeoff area. Deron was ready for his second flight, and he take off without major problems. The same happened with Ricky Cruz. Both had gasoline in their paramotor to be flying for at least an hour. In the case of Ricky, it was remarkable, that at one point of his flight he gets an altitude of more than 4,000 ft above Sea Level.

Now it was the turn of Ricardo González. He initially had problems launching with his Paramotor Power Gold, which apparently is getting heavy in his back. In addition, he is not controlling the torque of the engine that takes it out of the launch route. After several attempts, we decided to try him with the SkyMax EOS100 by Luis Ruiz, an ultra lightweight paramotor (37 pounds, half the weight of the Power Gold). As expected, it went flying without major problems. Robert Rodríguez and Ian Darrell were flying next to him. Both showing very good flight level.  The winds were already rising to over 15 mph.

After some minutes, the moments of landing arrived. Deron landed very well and with little instruction from Luis. While Ricky, after having taken a tremendous flight, confronted some problems with his landing. He brake the paraglider too much, and with that strong wind that was not correct. He fall over his paramotor in the sand. A little more practice correct this situation. Unfortunately, it is time to him and his wife Naisa to gets back to North Carolina where they resides. In the case of Ricardo, he did it acceptably well. Although he always likes to sit instead of standing still.

Antonio launched in that conditions, and practice precise and low flying at high winds. This little details that he was practicing make a great improvements in the level of piloting. Meanwhile, Thaddeus and Radames arrived to Hatillo later in the day. The wind was already at about 18 mph. So we decided that Radames would not attempt to fly. Rather it will continue with their inflation practices together with Pin Pin and Deron.

Later in the day, Thaddeus, tried the fly for the admiration of everyone. He managed to take off and land with excellence in 18 mph + winds. For such a demonstration, today he is raising his level of pilot in the Team (to 3 Stars in level). Congratulations.🙂

At the end of the afternoon, Deron brought a drink to celebrate his first flights in the sport with his new family of pilots. We had a great time. We hope this to be his first visit of many, many more.

Here we include some photos and videos of the activity. Always giving thanks to God 🙏.

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