Week May 06 – 10, Intensive Course Deron Freeman

This was a very active week with the arrival of Mr. Deron Freeman, Natural of Connecticut, USA. He came to the island accompanied by his wife Carla Paredes to perform an Intensive Paramotor Course. So we had basically from Monday 06 to Saturday 11 of May to do everything possible for Deron to dominate the sport. So get to work.

Monday 06

After his arrival we met with Deron in the afternoon at the home of Luis Ruiz. We took the opportunity to do an introductory of everything we would do in the week. Starting to talk about the Paramotor sport, aerodynamics, climate, paramotors, paragliders, etc. In short, covering all the theoretical bases of it. That same afternoon we moved to Villa Pesquera of Isabela to begin the inflation practices. Upon arrival, we found the intensity of winds ranged from 15 to 22 mph in intensity. Quite strong for our tastes, but having already on our property the training paraglider BGD Seed of 14 meters, we could do the practices without major problems. There, we stayed until sunset and Deron began to control the paraglider, although sometimes it also took its good roll due to the intensity of winds 🤐. But this is part of the Course.

Tuesday 07

We had other plans than going back to Villa Pesquera. This time the plans were to go to Rancho Grande of Anasco. But before that, we took the opportunity to give a little Tour to Deron and Carla through the area of ​​Playa Sucia and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. A very special place on the island that every tourist should visit. They were simply happy with the experience. Then in the afternoon we met at Anasco as planned. The wind was coming as expected from the West at an intensity of 12 to 17 mph. Deron continued his inflated practices and already began to turn around with it. He still uses the BGD Seed training paraglider. Soon we will be giving him the paraglider he will use for his first flight. A noble Apco Thrust.

Wednesday 08

We met Villa Pesquera in Isabela very early in the morning. There, Deron began to practice with the paraglider he used on his first flight. The noble Apco Thrust, which is much smoother and easier to control than the training paraglider. In short, if Deron could controlled the training glider, he would feel much more comfortable in the air with this one. After a while in Isabela, the intensity of winds increased and we decided to move to Rancho Grande in Anasco again. This time we were not alone, pilots and students came from different parts of the island  joining us for practice and fly the area. José Casillas arrived from Carolina, Ricky Cruz and his wife Naisa, who are on vacation on the island, arrived from Caguas. Radames Tirado, who recently made his first “solo” flight, arrived from Ponce and Thaddeus Gala arrived from Humacao.

Deron continued all afternoon with his paragliding practices. It is already doing very well mastering the paraglider in front and back position. We started to evaluate when to put a paramotor in the equation to try its first flight. Radames on the other hand, made his second paramotor flight in the afternoon. Again his takeoff and landing were very good. He was accompanied in the air by Thaddeus who is enjoying the sport to the fullest and every time he goes flying, his flights are noticeably long in time and distance. He already has 15 hours of flight in his young career. In the meantime, José and Ricky were practicing with the paragliders. José is looking good and is ready for major challenges in the sport. Ricky, on other hand, was practicing with the paraglider because had been kind of difficult to him mastering the sport in North Carolina where he resides.

Thursday 09

We went back very early to Villa Pesquera in Isabela. This time we got the weather we were looking for. Mild ENE winds were the norm of the day. Luis took the opportunity to put a paramotor to Deron. The ultra light but powerful SkyMax Expedition Moster. After explaining everything in detail and checking the communication systems, etc., Luis put Deron to inflate the paraglider with the paramotor on his back. If everything went well when Deron turned, Luis would turn on the engine and it would try to fly out. After a few minutes of practice, and before excellent weather, Deron turned around, all good. The paramotor was ignited and Deron goes flying for first time 💪💪 Deron stayed for an hour flying around before landing excellently as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!! In the evening we went for dinner to celebrate their first flight 🙂.

👉👉First Fly of Deron Freeman👈👈

Friday 10

We met again in the afternoon at Villa Pesquera in Isabela, with smoother flight conditions. This time, despite having everything ready to fly, Deron had some trouble turning around with the low wind. Finally after some failed attempts the paraglider touch water. So, we had to abort the flight in order to continue practicing. Also, Deron needs to clean and dry the paraglider for tomorrow, Saturday 11th, to the official activity of the Team Kamikazes. He will try to fly again in the North Park in Hatillo. Stay Tuned, soon we will include a COMPLETE video of all the progress from Deron…

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